Exoprimal Reached One Million Players – Free Skywave Skin For Everyone

As it seems a lot of people decided to shoot at dinosaurs

Exoprimal Reached One Million Players - Free Skywave Skin For Everyone!

Although the mostly mixed reviews and fan criticisms of Capcom’s controversial tactics with microtransactions and the lack of content in Exoprimal would lead you to believe that this title had a rocky start, it appears that a massive number of players enjoy shooting at swarms of dinosaurs and are having a great time either way.

According to the official Exoprimal Twitter (see the tweet below), the dino-shooting co-op game has successfully reached “over one million players” in its first few weeks. To commemorate this early milestone, all players will receive a free additional skin for the Skywave exosuit.

How to Claim Free Skywave Skin in Exoprimal?

The bonus skin will be included in the next title update coming August 16, marking the beginning of Season 1 in Exoprimal. This update will automatically add a skin for Skywave as a bonus gift for reaching one million players, which will be selectable from the Hangar menu as usual.

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The upcoming update, which officially starts the first season, will bring more content to the game, such as the announced Savage Gauntlet mode, which will finally enable real PvE end-game, but also 10 completely new Alpha Variant versions of all existing Exosuits in the game, which will bring new weapons and an additional twist to all existing classes in the game.

There is no doubt that Exoprimal will continue to develop and grow, and it seems that the team at Capcom really listened to audience feedback, which gives us hope that Exoprimal can become a much better and more complete title over time.

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