How to Earn Spear Stopper Trophy/Achievement in EXOPRIMAL

How to stop a Triceratops charge with Roadblock in Exoprimal

Exoprimal, Capcom’s new dinosaur-slaying third-person shooter is truly a masterclass title for achievement hunters. The game’s trophy list provides an excellent balance between natural progression combined with a variety of unique challenges for players to conquer on the way to earning the PlayStation Platinum or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore.

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One of the game’s miscellaneous achievements called “Spear Stopper” challenges players to “stop a Triceratops charge with Roadblock.” Here is your step-by-step guide for obtaining this class-specific achievement in Exoprimal.

Spear Stopper Explained in Exoprimal

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In order to obtain the “Spear Stopper” trophy/achievement, you must play as the Roadblock class, which is part of the tank subgroup of Exosuits in the game. While in a match of Dino Survival, make sure to keep your ears open for when Leviathan (the artificial intelligence announcer) says, “Summoning a Triceratops.” A Triceratops spawning is your best chance to obtain the achievement.

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Locate the portal that the Triceratops is emerging from and get to it as fast as you can.

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Get your shield ready and approach directly in front of (but not under) where the Triceratops is going to fall from the portal.

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When the Triceratops emerges, with your shield still active, get as close to the prehistoric beast as you can. If its attention is focused on a teammate, then use “taunt” to distract the Triceratops towards your Roadblock character.

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As the Triceratops attempts to charge into you, simply continue to hold your shield, which will begin to slowly deteriorate from the powerful attack. You will collect accolades for tanking the damage while holding back the angry herbivore.

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Once you have successfully repelled the dinosaur’s charge, you will receive the award “Tricerastopped,” as well as the “Spear Stopper” trophy/achievement. Also, when your team has sent the Triceratops back to extinction, you will also obtain the “Shield Slayer” trophy/achievement, if you have not already defeated one of the three-horned monstrosities during your travails through Exoprimal.

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