Best Exosuits in Exoprimal, Ranked

Best Exosuits in Exoprimal, Ranked

Suit up for some dinosaur swarm control

From the start, Exoprimal brings a large number of Exosuits that you can use for team extermination of dinosaurs. These mecha suits are almost like the main characters in the game and are divided into three classes – Support, Tank, and Assault. In each of these classes, there are a couple of Exosuits that have different abilities, advantages and disadvantages.

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In Exoprimal, it is possible to change Exosuits on the fly during the match, but choosing the right one at the right time is extremely important for team tactics in this multiplayer-only co-op game. So, what are the best Exosuits in Exoprimal? Check out our ranking in the list below.

Best Exosuits in Exoprimal, Ranked

To make your choice somewhat easier, let’s take a look at our ranking of all Exosuits in Exoprimal from best to worst.

1. Barrage / Role: Assault

If the damage is what you want to do, this Exosuit is all you need. In Dino Survival mode, the only one in the game right now, the goal is to clear the hordes of enemies as fast as possible, and nothing does that better than Barrage’s grenades and ability to ignite the opponents.

2. Nimbus / Role: Support

Nimbus is the best support class Exosuit in the game as it can heal the other players but deal good damage too. It’s very fast as well, and exceptional in PvP situations. Basically, this is Exoprimal’s Tracer.

3. Deadeye / Role: Assault

This would be Exoprimal’s default character – Deadeye. This Exosuit is perfect for new players as it provides both long-range and mid-range damage dealing with easy-to-understand basic abilities. It’s a good choice both for PvE and PvP.

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4. Krieger / Role: Tank

Krieger is a tank class unit that can do some ranged damage too, so with this Exosuit you can protect your team and provide some suppressive firepower. It also has a devastating AoE ultimate ability and can take care of flying enemies.

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5. Roadblock / Role: Tank

The heaviest Exosuit, Roadblock, is a classic tank character with a giant deployable shield and the ability to taunt enemies. One of the best crowd-control units, the only downside is being unable to take down those pesky flying dinosaurs.

6. Zephyr / Role: Assault

No guns with this one! Zephyr fights in melee-only style, so if you like to beat up dinosaurs, this is the class to go for. Very fast and very strong against enemy players as well, but can’t do much in terms of range or sustainability without a dedicated healer.

7. Witchdoctor / Role: Support

Witchdoctor is a support Exosuit that specializes in healing but can also provide the team with buffs, such as the very useful enhanced movement speed buff.

8. Vigilant / Role: Assault

This assault Exosuit is effective against large dinosaur PvE bosses, but it can also easily dispatch single opponent players. The main drawback is that you have to do it from a distance because this is your standard sniper character. Also, it can’t do much against crowds.

9. Skywave / Role: Support

An Exosuit that can fly in the air! Skywave is best utilized for crowd control due to its abilities that can freeze foes to slow them down. While it does have some reasonable healing range, there are far better Support class alternatives in the game.

10. Murasame / Role: Assault

Samurai-like Exosuit with a big katana that’s perfect for PvP but not so much for crowd control. It doesn’t offer much to the team without a tank except cleaning dinosaurs and, even then, due to its single target ultimate move, it’s best employed against bosses than typical dino-swarms.

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And that would be our list of the best Exosuits in Exorpimal right now in the game’s release month – just keep in mind that all of these 10 Exosuits will also get their Alpha Variant versions with the August 16 update which may affect the ranking. But until then, have fun, choose your Exosuit wisely, and most importantly – be a team player.

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