How to Build Deadeye in Exoprimal: Deadeye Build Guide

The best shot in the world.

Exoprimal is all about clearing out hordes of dinosaurs as fast as possible. Constantly pushing forward to stay ahead of the enemy team is your primary concern. The easiest way to do this is to have a well-balanced team, as well as a properly built exosuit to withstand the damage. Here’s how to build Deadeye in Exoprimal to ensure you get the most out of this suit.

How to Build Deadeye in Exoprimal

Deadeye is an assault class that focuses on pure firepower. Its defining characteristic is primarily its assault rifle and grenade launcher, which are the bread and butter of the class.

As for building the best Deadeye class, let’s break down the components you’ll need for the best Deadeye build.

Fair warning, you’ll need to play a hefty amount of matches with Deadeye to level up the suit and unlock some of the modules to slot into it.


Rigs aren’t going to make or break Deadeye as an exosuit, but there are a few that really shine in matches.

I recommend either the Blade, which can be used to paralyze a group of dinos to line up your grenade rifle.

You can also use the Drill Fist for massive damage on the figure dinosaurs. You can combo this with your charged thrust melee attack to get up close and personal.

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I recommend the Damage Chain module for slot one and using Bikcoins to level it up to level 5.

  • Damage Chain: Modifies Ravager Performance. Landing consecutive damage with the Ravager increases base damage by 25%

This will increase your overall damage output with your primary fire and make Deadeye great for taking out dinos and other players.

In slot two, I recommend the Shot Grenade at level 5.

  • Modifies Rifle Grenade performance, Increases projectile speed, and makes it fly on a straight path. Increases base direct hit damage by 20%

This is a huge buff for your rifle grenade and can make quick work of larger dinosaurs and tank players.

The slot three modules we recommend is Dive Dodge + at level 5.

  • Modifies Dive Dodge performance, Reduces Flinching upon use. Temporarily increases defense upon use. Increase dodge distance.

This will get you out of dodge. It’s a great escape tool and provides a little bit of defense for an otherwise pretty squishy character.

That’s everything you need to know about how to build Deadeye in Exoprimal. For more tips, tricks, and guides, stay right here at Prima Games. Are you wondering about the single-player stuff in Exoprimal? We’ve got you covered.

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