Does Exoprimal Have Crossplay - Answered

Does Exoprimal Have Crossplay? – Answered

Let's team up to shoot some dinosaur tornadoes!

After the original announcement on PlayStation’s March 2022 State of Play, many trailers, and a long period of beta testing, Capcom’s new team-based dino-shooter Exoprimal is almost here! The highly anticipated game, set to release on July 14, will be available on a variety of platforms, including late-gen and current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC. People are curious if it’s possible to play this wild game with friends who are using different systems. Let’s find out if Exoprimal has crossplay.

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Does Exoprimal Support Crossplay?

The answer to this question is – well, kind of. It can be said that Exoprimal has cross-generation crossplay, but only in the same ecosystems. For example, PlayStation 4 players can play with other people on PlayStation 5, and Xbox One gamers can team up with friends on Xbox Series S/X or even PC, but there is a catch. To be able to crossplay with Xbox players you will need to get Exoprimal for PC via the Windows Store. If you get the Steam version of the game, you will be able to play only with other Steam users.

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So basically, no crossplay whatsoever for the Steam crowd, PlayStation crossplay is fully closed to PlayStation systems, and on Xbox, we have cross-generation with PC players that get the game from the Windows Store of Xbox Game Pass only.

Crossplay will function as explained above when the game is released in a few days. However, there is a chance that Capcom will unlock real crossplay between all platforms down the road.

Developers of Exoprimal recently stated that they are “investigating ways to allow you to play together with your friends on other platforms”. For an online-only team-based game that is heavily focused on co-op multiplayer, it is very interesting that this “investigation” is only being dealt with now, but better late than never, right?

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