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What is Capcom ID and How to Access It

You're gonna need it so you may as well do it now

by Lucas White

This guide is being brought on by the new Exoprimal Open Beta testing period in particular, but it’s something any fan of Capcom in general is gonna have to contend with. Starting with Exoprimal, anyone playing a Capcom game with multiplayer is going to have to use a Capcom ID, a new-ish identifier allowing for things like player stat tracking and cross-platform play. From Street Fighter 6 to even Resident Evil games, you’re gonna need a Capcom ID very soon if you don’t have one already. So here’s the deal with an explainer on what a Capcom ID is and how to access and set one up.

What is Capcom ID and How to Access It

So if you check out the official Exoprimal website for example, you’ll see a big ol’ graphic telling you to get a Capcom ID before you can participate in the Open Beta test this weekend. If you then hop over to the Capcom ID website, you’ll see this new account system described as, “a single, unified account that can be used to manage various Capcom games and web services.”

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Capcom ID ties everything together. That includes services like online newsletters and websites like the Resident Evil Portal, which used to all be separate. You can also link your different gaming accounts, such as your Steam, PlayStation and Xbox Live handles. This helps you keep track of everything across platforms, similar to something like a WB or Ubisoft account. You can also redeem codes here for promotional things, such as the bonus you can get for participating in the Exoprimal Open Beta. There’s a Friend List function too!

How to Register a Capcom ID

Signing up is simply a matter of having an email address. Otherwise it’s free and pretty straightforward. Again, just hop onto the Capcom ID website and follow the instructions there. You can then drill into your account to link your gaming profiles and set up two-factor authentication if you want to.

This is all pretty standard stuff, but again it’s something Capcom is moving forward with for everything it does going forward, and it’s gonna be a requirement. So you may as well get it out of the way, especially if you want to check out Exoprimal. And you totally should do that.

Lucas White

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