How to Build Krieger in Exoprimal: Krieger Build Guide

Get this mech a shield!

Krieger Exoprimal
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Krieger has no rival in Exoprimal when it comes to making sure that the entire team has shields as the hordes of aggressive dinosaurs are taken down. However, the massive exo certainly needs some help in boosting secondary tools, and I have the best build possible to ensure that your tank presence is always felt in the fight.

Best Krieger Rig and Modules in Exoprimal

In this build for Krieger, I’m going to focus on the two most crucial aspects of this tank, which are shields and the K-40 Repulsor Minigun. The goal is to ensure that you are blocking as much damage as possible, and keeping your weapon at the ready so you can crowd-control the hordes of enemies attacking your team in Exoprimal.

Best Krieger Rig

The Shield is the best Rig for this exo because it simply bolsters what the class already excels in. You want to be able to toss out as many shields as possible so that you can build up your block score and ensure that your teammates have enough protection to focus on offense instead of survival.

Cannon is another decent option if you feel that your Krieger needs some extra DPS to help out your assault players. However, the shields will play a much bigger role when the synergy on your team is already working with the need for more DPS.

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Best Krieger Modules

Most of the Modules offer up worthwhile bonuses, so it’s hard to pick any that are terrible. With that said, there are a few that are clearly the best for Krieger within the tank role, and you can find them all listed below.

  • K01 – Rapid Shot: Slightly reduces the time required for the K-40 Repulsor Minigun to reach its max rate of fire.
  • Durability Module: Increases health by 30 points for each level.
  • Reload Efficiency Module: Reduces reload and recharge time by 15% per level.

As a fourth option, you can run the Rig Loading Module to decrease the Rig cooldown by 50%. That means 50% more shields on the field at max level for the Krieger module.

If you decide that you have had enough of the tank class in Exoprimal, make sure to check out our Deadeye Build guide so you can start tearing through the hordes of dinosaurs yourself.

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