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Is Affogato Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered

Is Affogato the best, the worst, or just okay?

by Madison Benson
Cookie Run Kindgom Affogato

Cookie Run Kingdom is an action RPG where, as the name suggests, you play as cookies! As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock various cookies, ranging from magic-wielding characters to healers. Among these is Affogato cookie, an epic-class Bomber obtainable through the game’s gacha system. Continue reading to learn whether Affogato cookie is good in Cookie Run Kingdom and, if he is, what toppings to use to strengthen him.

Is Affogato Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom?

The easiest way to answer this is by saying yes, Affogato is a good cookie to use in Cookie Run Kingdom. While not the most powerful, Affogato’s strength lies in his debuffing capabilities. Since Affogato is a Middle or Rear-position cookie, his power heavily relies on his teammates’ abilities to protect him as he deals with large groups of enemies. This reliance allows him to pair well with Charge and Defense Cookies like Dark Choco, Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla, and Dark Cacao. If he has adequate protection, his attack debuffs and poison damage will rapidly whittle down any opponents you face.

Most of Affogato’s strength comes from his ability Sweet Scheme. Not only does his Poison deal considerable damage to enemies, but he amplifies any debuffs inflicted on his opponents. This amplification ability is crucial against those with debuff resistances since his attacks partially neutralize it. Furthermore, Sweet Scheme prevents targets from receiving buffs, directly countering any support and healer cookies looking to cast damage boosts or shields.

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The best way to maximize Affogato’s damage is by equipping various toppings onto him. In particular, using either Searing Raspberries or Swift Chocolate will provide increased damage output and ability cooldown reduction, respectively. Depending on your play style, you may choose to either gain more attack stats overall or reduce your cooldowns to cast Sweet Scheme more often. Picking Swift Chocolate is especially helpful if your allies can capitalize on frequent debuff casting, but if this isn’t the case, having increased damage is also highly beneficial.

Cookie Run Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in reading more Cookie Run Kingdom content, check out our Beginner’s Guide, and if you recently acquired Dark Cacao, Is Dark Cacao Cookie Good?

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