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Is Dark Cacao Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered

Just how good is Dark Cacao?

by Madison Benson
Cookie Run Kingdom Dark Cacao

Cookie Run Kingdom is an action-packed RPG with gacha mechanics. As you play the game, you’ll unlock new cookies that act as your main playable characters throughout each level. One unlockable cookie you may be eager to get your hands on is Dark Cacao, one of the five currently obtainable Ancient cookies in the game. Continue reading to learn whether the Dark Cacao cookie is good in Cookie Run Kingdom and, if so, what toppings to use as buffs.

Is Dark Cacao Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom?

The short and simple answer is that yes, the Dark Cacao Cookie is good in Cookie Run Kingdom. In fact, Dark Cacao is considered one of the most powerful cookies in the game, especially considering he is a Charge-type cookie that deals immense damage with the right toppings. Despite having slow attack speeds compared to other cookies, Dark Cacao makes up for it by having a high-damage cleave attack that hits multiple enemies at once.

On top of dealing massive amounts of damage with every attack, Dark Cacao’s ability Solemn Judgment also inflicts multiple debuffs, including decreased defence, attack and max HP. Furthermore, Solemn Judgment has a chance to cast the Zap debuff, dealing damage over time while simultaneously nullifying any supportive shields. This directly counters cookies like Eclair and Pure Vanilla, whose abilities cast shields onto allies.

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If you want to make Dark Cacao even stronger, be sure to equip toppings onto him! Using the right toppings for Dark Cacao will help maximize your damage output while increasing damage resistance. Overall, using five Solid Almond is your best bet since they provide considerable damage resistance buffs. Alternatively, if you want to increase your damage output further, you can use five Searing Raspberries. If you don’t mind sacrificing some damage, mixing Searing Raspberries and Swift Chocolate provides a slight damage boost and ability cooldown reduction.

Cookie Run Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in reading more Cookie Run Kingdom content, check out our Beginner’s Guide and, if you’re an experienced player, How to Beat 11-23.

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