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How to Upgrade Kristoff’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The answer, once again, is "do quests"

by Lucas White

If you’ve been following along, you may be wondering why Kristoff opened up such a useless-seeming stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Why in the world would you want to buy stones and softwood when you have tons of that junk falling from the sky every five minutes? Well, there’s an upgrade you can eventually get, and it’s pretty good in comparison. So here’s how to make that happen.

Upgrading Kristoff’s Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

For starters, and you’ve probably guessed this by now, the big stall update for Kristoff requires bumping that friendship level all the way up to 10. Do whatever you need to do to get there because that’s the first step. You’re also gonna need your pickaxe updated all the way up so you can break ice. You can see how to get there at this other guide. Once you have those, you can work on Kristoff’s final friendship quest, “A Broken Sled.”

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Follow Kristoff to the remnants of his sled, which will be encased in ice. Break it free, and you’ll receive a list of ingredients needed to fix the thing. You’ll need a ton of stuff, including 50 fiber, 30 hardwood, 10 iron ingots, and 9 tinkering parts. That’s all stuff you’ve needed before, so take the time you need and craft the new sled. Bring the sled back to continue the quest.

Next, Kristoff will ask you to give him some sample items he can use to help advertise his updated stall stock. That means he needs another fiber (just one), one brick, one piece of glass, and one iron ingot. He’ll give you the sled you repaired since he can just buy a new one (what a jerk), and then update the stall with some much more useful items. The end.