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How to Break Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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by Lucas White

Progress is often measured in Disney Dreamlight Valley by how many different kinds of things you can break. There are stumps, mushrooms, bigger mushrooms, weird barnacles things, so on and so forth. Today’s guide is going to be about ice. Once you get around the snowy biome, you start to run into jagged clumps of ice that you can’t pass through easily. So here’s how to break that ice.

Breaking the Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Long story short, breaking ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a pickaxe upgrade. We briefly alluded to that when we posted an earlier guide about upgrading the pickaxe, and now here we are with the follow-up piece. In order to break ice, you need to get your pickaxe upgraded a third time, after you get the first two from Maui. This time, however, you need to enlist the cast of Frozen to cap things off. Specifically, you need Elsa.

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To get a hold of Elsa, of course, you have to make friends with Anna first. Doing that is a matter of following the story, especially since you need Anna to help you upgrade your shovel. Once you can uproot the stumps littered around the game Anna will switch gears and ask you to convince Elsa to move down to the village. It’s easy enough and mostly involves just following some instructions after clearing the path to the Ice Cavern. Elsa will come over, then ask for help actually getting inside said cavern due to all the ice blocking the entrance. This saddles you up with the “Breaking the Ice” quest.

To complete that quest you’ll need 5 sunflowers, 2 pieces of sugarcane, 5 lemons, 3 cloves of garlic, and a Vial of Ocean Water. If you’re at this point of the game you should know how to get all of those items, save for the vial. And the vial is simply a matter of going to the beach biome and interacting with a new gathering point that appears at the water’s edge. Easy stuff.

You’ll take these ingredients to a crafting table to brew a potion, bring that back to Elsa and that’s it. You’ll have an upgraded pickaxe that can break most ice in your way. But not all of it! So we’ll be seeing you later for whatever’s next on the track of breaking stuff in Disney Dreamlight Valley.