How to Unlock More Recipes for Manana in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The most important thing in any adventure - food!

How to Unlock More Recipes for Manana in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Can’t adventure with an empty belly! Good food is very important in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as it provides you with various temporary boosts that can give you an advantage in fights and even with grinding XP, gold, or materials.

Manana is a Nopon female, a part of Manana and Riku’s 2-in-1 hero character, but outside of battle, she can cook food for the party at Rest Stops. Being a chef from Agnus Colony Gamma that joins the party early on, she knows how to make simple dishes, but in order to expand her cooking options, you will need to unlock more recipes. To find out how to get more recipes for Manana in XC3, keep on reading.

How to Get More Recipes for Manana in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To unlock recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need to eat at the Canteens. Every Colony that you visit or a bigger story-related location usually has its own Canteen Rest Spot where you can order food. Once you have tried a new dish at least once, it will be added to Manana’s recipe list that you can later use in the regular Rest Sports in the world. See below for a list of all places where you can eat and learn new recipes.

If you don’t have ingredients, you can always cook with coins. Mmm, tasty coins!

Complete List of Recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Where to Find Them

Check out the list below for all of the places where you can eat and learn new recipes for Manana, also and learn about the boosts they bring and their duration.

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WARNING: Mild location-based SPOILERS are on the list below!

Colony 9 Canteen recipes

  • Yapolta Veggie Beans – CP Boost 20% / Duration 30min
  • Baked Spongy Spud – Collectable Boost 50% / Duration 45min

Colony Gamma Canteen recipes

  • Meat ‘n’ Veg Leclati – Enemy Gold Boost 20% / Duration 52min

Colony 4 Canteen recipes

  • Mixed-Veg Torpedo Wrap – Enemy Gold Boost 15% / Duration 37min

Colony Iota Canteen recipes

  • Riverbird Crispygrill – Enemy Gold Boost 30% / Duration 45min

Colony 30 Canteen recipes

  • Fish-Fillet Toastie – Enemy Drop Boost 20% / Duration 52min

Colony Tau Canteen recipes

  • Maktha Ever-Greens – Enemy Drop Boost 30% / Duration 52min

Colony Lambda Canteen recipes

  • Redfish Grillwrap – EXP Boost 20% / Duration 37min

The Tap-Dancing Nopon recipes

  • Cured-Meat Vizzard – EXP Boost 40% / Duration 37min

Colony 11 Canteen recipes

  • Mild Game Stew – CP Boost 30% / Duration 30min

Colony Mu Canteen recipes

  • Sunny-Style Fish Pie – Collectable Boost 40% / Duration 75min
  • Pon-Fried Croquettes – Enemy Gold Boost 40% / Duration 45min

Li Garte Prison Camp – Central Cell Canteen recipes

  • Nutritious Block Bar – Enemy Drop Boost 40% / Duration 52min

Ascension Grounds – Station Breakroom recipes

  • Erythia Sashimi Plate – CP Boost 40% / Duration 30min

City Interior – Michiba Canteen recipes

  • Acqua Pazza a la City – EXP Boost 25% / Duration 37min
  • Whole Wild Lobster – EXP Boost 10%, CP Boost 10%, Enemy Gold Boost 10% / Duration 45min

Just a few things to keep in mind – once Manana adds the recipe to her list, she will usually change the name of the dish a little bit to make it more Nopon-like. Also, for some of the food to appear in the Canteens mentioned above, you might need to grind some affinity with those Colonies/places first.

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