How to Start and Complete Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

“Peselle’s Easy Errand” only unlocks after meeting specific requirements in the Hisui region. Here’s everything you need to know about how to trigger and complete Quest 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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How to Start Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To trigger Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you need to have completed Request 34: “Croagunk’s Curative Poison” first. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Play through the main story until you have quelled the Hisuian Lilligant Frenzied Noble. It is the second Frenzied Noble and is found in the Crimson Mirelands.
  2. Once you’ve done that, return to Jubilife Village and interact with the blackboard in Professor Laventon’s lab inside the Galaxy Building to receive the “Croagunk’s Curative Poison” request.
  3. From here, head into the hallway and then into the Medical Corps room. Talk to Pesselle here who will ask you to catch her a Croagunk.
  4. Warp back to the Crimson Mirelands and travel to the Scarlet Bog area where you’ll see some Croagunk roaming around. Catch one and return to the NPC to finish the quest.

With Request 34 complete, leave the Galaxy Building and then re-enter. Return to Pesselle who will have a new job for you: Request 72. In it, you must gather 100 Medicinal Leeks for her.

How to Complete Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Medicinal Leeks are found in almost every part of Hisui and are incredibly easy to find. Just look for a leek-type plant sticking out of the ground. You may well have enough already if you’ve been collecting resources on your adventure. If not, a Medicinal Leek plant can be seen in the image above, right next to some derpy Bidoofs.

Once you have collected all 100, hand them to Pesselle to complete Request 72: Peselle’s Easy Errand. You’ll get 1 Adamant Mint and 1 Modest Mint as a reward.

Now that you know how to start and complete Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus. it’s time to get out there and get those rewards!

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