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How to Transfer the Demo Save File to One Piece Odyssey

Continuing the Odyssey

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Transfer the Demo Save File to One Piece Odyssey

Okay, my colleague and Prima Games writer Lucas already explained the weird and unusual way of creating save files in the One Piece Odyssey Demo, so if you followed his instructions and were patient after the end of this hours-long demo that doesn’t allow you to create manual save files – and finally got your save file, it is now time to find out how to load up that save into the full version of the game.

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How to Transfer the Demo Save File to One Piece Odyssey

As it seems, some players have a problem with the save file from the demo not loading in the full game. So, let’s make things clear for you right away – if the full version of One Piece Odyssey recognizes your previously created save file from the demo, you will get a prompt to load it up the first time your start the game. If the prompt does not automatically pop up for you and you only see the option to start a new game – it means that the full version did not recognize the save file from the demo.

This can be for many reasons, but most often it is a different region issue, i.e. the store from which you downloaded the demo is not the same one from which you got the full version of the game. For example, if the demo version is from the UK store and you are trying to transfer your save to the US full version of the game – tough luck. The same problem can happen with some physical versions of the game if they are not from the same region.

Another Possible Reason for Save Not Transferring From Demo to Full in One Piece Odyssey

But, if you are sure that your demo and full version of One Piece Odyseey are definitely from the same region/store, the problem may be caused by the game not being completely installed. Check if the status of the installation is at 100% before you start the game for the first time so that you don’t miss the prompt for loading the save file from the demo version.

If this doesn’t help either, well… it’s just the first hour of the game, or a little bit more, so you will have to speed run it, and continue with your game. Good luck!

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