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How to Open the Goblin Mine in Hogwarts Legacy

Recognize the eye?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Goblin Mine

So you’ve made it to the “It’s All Gobbledegook” quest and now you’ve teamed up with Amit Thakkar to enter one of the Goblin Mines in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of the mines in the game are fairly simple with basic entrances to reach the inside, but this mine in particular has one big trick.

To reach this mine, you can head slightly southeast of the Keenbridge Hamlet where you’ll reach some hills and a tower. You can reach the mine at any time, however, it’s important to arrive with the main Hogwarts Legacy quest. Once you’re there, it’s time to enter the mine.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Enter the Goblin Mine

When you reach the mine location, you’ll see rails that lead to the main door. This door has some knotwork engraved into the center, and some gears can be seen behind the panels. The main feature of the door, though, is the giant eye that follows you at the top of the Goblin Mine door.

If you’ve opened up any of the Eye Chests that are scattered around Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade Village, then you know the trick behind the eyes. The key is to use the Disillusionment Spell so that the eye can’t see you, but you have to cast it without the eye knowing. That means moving over to the left side hill and casting before you approach the door.

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Now that the eye has no idea you’re lurking around in Hogwarts Legacy, you can enter the Goblin Mine with no issues and get past the door. From here, you can continue your quest with Amit Thakkar and get closer to the end of the main story. Best of luck in getting through the mine!

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