How to Heat and Cool Egg Incubator in Palworld

Make your Pals happy before they're even born
Palworld how to heat and cool an egg in the egg incubator
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As you breed your Pals and find eggs in Palworld, incubating them will help you discover Pals you may only find in the late game. Let’s discuss how to cool and warm up eggs to maximize their incubation speed.

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How to Build an Egg Incubator in Palworld

Before you can start incubating eggs, you’ll need to build an Egg Incubator by researching it in your Technology menu starting at level seven. Unlike most Technology nodes, the Egg Incubator requires gaining an Ancient Technology point, which you can obtain by defeating bosses around Palworld.

Once you unlock the Egg Incubator, you can build it with the following materials:

Palworld egg incubator technology
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With these items on hand, build your Incubator and interact with it to place an egg inside, allowing it to incubate and eventually turn into a level one Pal.

How to Warm Up Eggs in Palworld

Once you place your egg in the Incubator, you’ll encounter one of three situations: the egg is comfortable, cold, or warm. If your egg is cold, place a campfire or heater next to it to warm it up.

A campfire is the simpler option to warm up eggs in Palworld, as it’s available early in your playthrough. However, if you need the heater for extra warmth, you can build one by unlocking its tech node at level 17 and building it with the following materials:

  • 20 Ingot.
  • 10 Charcoal.
  • 5 Flame Organ.
Palworld heater technology for warming eggs
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From here, place your heater or campfire near the egg to warm it up and reach a “very comfortable” temperature, making the egg happy and bringing its incubation speed to 100%.

If you’re still seeing an “egg seems cold” message on the incubator, you may need to move your heater or campfire closer to the egg. The heater has a generous radius of effect, but it still needs to be somewhat close to the incubator for it to warm your eggs. The heater also requires Kindling to function, so you need to assign a fire-type Pal to the heater to keep it running. If your Kindling Pal is napping or taking a break, your heater won’t continue to warm the egg.

Once you get to level 41, you can then unlock and use an Electric Heater for warmth. This functions the same as a basic heater, but the electric heater has a larger radius of effect and it further reduces incubation time. It requires much more advanced materials to craft and a power generator to function, as well as Kindling, but the electric heater is by far the most efficient way to warm up eggs in Palworld.

How to Cool Incubator Eggs in Palworld

Similarly, if your egg is warm and needs to cool off, you’ll want to do the opposite of what you did to heat your eggs. Rather than building heaters and campfires, you’ll want a cooler, which you unlock starting from level 18. Once you unlock it, you’ll need the following resources to build it:

  • 20 Ingot.
  • 20 Stone.
  • 5 Ice Organ.
Palworld cooler technology for eggs
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After collecting every material, place it near your Incubator. You’ll then need to assign a Pal with Cooling work suitability to the cooler. This should cool the egg and make it comfortable.

As you progress in Palworld, you’ll eventually be able to unlock and craft an Electric Cooler at level 42. The electric cooler has improved range and cooling capabilities over the basic cooler, making it the most optimal way to cool eggs.

What Are Optimal Palworld Eggs Temperatures?

There are various types of eggs in Palworld that require different temperatures for incubation: Neutral, Cold, Hot, Very Hot, and Very Cold. The temperature of the environment in which you incubate the eggs is critical. For instance, in snowy areas, the ambient air will be cooler than in the desert. Furthermore, regardless of the biome, the temperature tends to cool down at night, which adds more complexity to egg incubation. 

Please note that the size of the egg does not affect its temperature requirements.

Here’s a table that provides an overview of each Pal Egg type and its preferred temperature range.

Egg TypePreferred Temperature
Common EggNeutral
Electric EggNeutral
Verdant EggNeutral
Dark EggCold
Dragon EggVery Hot
Frozen EggVery Cold
Damp EggCold
Scorched EggHot
Rocky EggVery Hot

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