All Egg Types and Which Pals They Hatch in Palworld

Take a crack at hatching your own Pals!

Palworld Egg Incubator
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You’re likely to spend most of your time exploring the world and catching Pals out in the wild, but while you’re busy with all that commotion, you could have an egg in the Incubator back at base prepping a new party member! We’ve detailed the full Palworld egg hatch list down below.

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All Egg Types and Their Pals

There are nine egg types in Palworld, ranging from the Common Egg, which spawns Neutral-type Pals, to the rare and coveted Dragon Egg, which hatches powerful Dragon-type Pals. You’ll likely want to scoop up every egg you find so you don’t miss out on a potentially rare hatchling.

EggType of PalDescription
Common EggNeutral-type“Something gentle moves within”
Damp EggWater-type“Something swims within”
Dark EggDark-type“Something chaotic stirs within”
Dragon EggDragon-type“Something mischievous stirs within”
Electric EggElectric-type“Something energetic moves within”
Frozen EggIce-type“Something cold stirs within”
Rocky EggGround-type“Something calm stirs within”
Scorching EggFire-type“Something hot moves within”
Verdant EggGrass-type“Something lively moves within”

As for the various Pals that hatch from each egg, prepare yourself. It’s an extensive list and growing as additional Pals are added to the game or discovered during our adventures.

  • Common Egg
    • Galeclaw
    • Tocotoco
    • Direhowl
    • Melpaca
    • Eikthyrdeer
    • Nitewing
    • Grintale
    • Gorirant
    • Lunaris
    • Lovander
  • Damp Egg
    • Celaray
    • Surfent
    • Penking
    • Pengullet
  • Dark Egg
    • Mau
    • Daedream
    • Loupmoon
    • Nox
    • Tombat
    • Fellbat
  • Dragon Egg
    • Relaxasaurus
    • Jormuntide
    • Jormuntide Ignis
  • Electric Egg
    • Sparkit
    • Dazzi
    • Univolt
    • Rayhound
    • Beakon
  • Frozen Egg
    • Chillet
    • Swee
    • Mau Cryst
    • Reindrix
    • Sweepa
    • Wumpo
    • Vanwyrm Cryst
    • Penking
  • Rocky Egg
    • Hangyu
    • Dumud
    • Fuddler
    • Warsect
    • Surfent Terra
  • Scorching Egg
    • Flambelle
    • Foxparks
    • Kelpsea Ignis
    • Leezpunk Ignis
    • Vanwyrm
    • Arsox
    • Rooby
    • Bushi
    • Kitsun
    • Pyrin
    • Pyrin Noct
  • Verdant Egg
    • Flopie
    • Caprity
    • Cinnamoth
    • Beegarde
    • Bristla
    • Gumoss
    • Lifmunk
    • Broncherry
    • Dinossom
    • Elizabee
    • Verdash
    • Vaelet
    • Mammorest

How to Hatch Eggs in Palworld

To successfully hatch eggs in your base, you must reach level 7 and unlock the Egg Incubator, part of the Ancient Technology Tree. For that, you must collect Ancient Technology Points by defeating a boss, such as Zoe & Grizzbolt, and then spend three to unlock the Incubator.

Once you’ve unlocked the appropriate technology, you can craft the Egg Incubator like any other object in your base. It will cost:

  • 10 Paldium Fragments
  • 30 Stone
  • 5 Cloth

Once the Incubator is in place, hit the interact button and select an egg from your inventory. You’ll insert the egg, then wait for the allotted time. For a Large Dark Egg, I had to wait 30 minutes.

That said, some eggs require different conditions to hatch properly. For instance, the Scorching Egg must be near a heat source, so you’ll want to place a Heater nearby. Putting an egg in the Incubator will tell you precisely what’s necessary to achieve 100% comfort and growth.

How to Get 100% Incubation Speed for Each Egg Type

You can get 100% incubation speed by fulfilling each egg type’s preference and condition. Depending on what type of Pal is inside of the egg, you will need to either keep them warm or cold. Fire-type Pals will need to be warmed, while ice and water types want cooler rooms. You’ll get a notification on when the egg is too cold or too warm.

Once you’ve satisfied an egg’s preference, your incubation speed will shoot up to 100%. Here’s a list of preferences for each egg type.

  • Scorching Egg: Warm
  • Damp Egg: Cool
  • Verdant Egg: Moderate/neutral
  • Frozen egg: Very Cool
  • Electric Egg: Warm
  • Rocky Egg: Very Warm
  • Dark Egg: Very Cool
  • Dragon Egg: Very Warm
  • Common Egg: Warm

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