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How to Go To Parties in BitLife

Becoming a social butterfly.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Go To Parties in Bitlife

BitLife is a digital life simulator in which you can do many things that, hopefully, you don’t do in real life. You can be a street hustler who scams the police or contract genital herpes. In addition to fun stuff like that, it is also possible to do normal things like becoming a marine biologist, a pilot, or a party animal. Yes, it is possible to attend parties in BitLife – to find out how, check out our guide below.

How to Go To Parties in BitLife?

Just like in real life, you will first need to have friends in order to attend parties. I mean, you can be that strange person that goes to parties alone, but BitLife won’t allow that! So, you need to make some friends. To do so, just be nice to some NPCs, try giving them some gifts or compliments, and your status will be changed to “friends” in no time. Once you have friends, go under their relationship menu and find the option to go to a party. Simple, isn’t it? You might want to try this one out in real life as well.

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How to Complete Sinderella Challenge in BitLife

If you like to chase and complete all of the challenges in BitLife, you’re probably here to find out how to finish the Sinderella Challenge (yes, they really spelled it like that). This challenge requires you to be born as a female, be a housekeeper, kill your step-parent or step-sibling…. and attend five parties! To get this last part done, just repeat the process explained above, make friends, and select the option to go to a party from your friend’s relationship profile five times.

Now you know the secret ways of becoming a real social butterfly in BitLife, so go party away and stay clear of trouble, aside from that step-sibling/parent murder part, of course.

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