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BitLife: How to Be a Marine Biologist

Love the creatures of the sea? You've come to the right place.

by Nikola L

BitLife is one of those addictive life simulator games where you can level up your character into becoming almost anything (well, “anything” being defined only by the boundaries and creativity of the game developers). There are a lot of interesting professions that you can try out and in this guide, we’ll go through the necessary steps you need to take in order to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife.

How to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife

As you develop your character, it’s vital that you pursue “Smarts” if you wish to become a Marine Biologist (or any other profession that’s science-related, or if you want to become a pilot). Studying also greatly helps those efforts but make sure to prioritize this in High School, stay the in Library a lot, and read a book once in a while.

After you graduate from High School, the most optimal route would be to enroll in a University and look for Biology within the offered options. If this is not offered, you should wait for a year in order to try to get the RNGesus to help, restart the app, or just start your life over (funny how that’s easy to say for a video game). When you finish University, you should go into a Graduate School, since that’s a must if you wish to become a Marine Biologist. Of course, as specified above, make sure to focus on activities that increase your “Smarts.”

After you finish Graduate School, search for your very first Junior Marine Biologist employment. You may need restart the app a couple of times or to wait a year or two before it appears because it is rare. We wish you all the luck to get it on your first try. If you get fed up, you can always become a famous author in BitLife.

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