How to Become a Famous Author in BitLife

Become a world-famous writer by following these steps.

becoming an author in bitlife

BitLife is a real-life simulator video game where you acquire and develop new skills, go to school, find a job, get married, and more. One of the jobs you can apply for is Writer (Publisher), and we are here to help you reach the stardom of such writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and Stephen King in BitLife.

Can You Become a Famed Author in BitLife?

Yes, you can become a famous writer in BitLife, but before even thinking of stardom, you must first become a paid writer.
This is not an arduous task, but you need to accomplish a few requirements.

How to Become a Famous Writer in BitLife

The first requirement is to age up your character to 18. As they age, they will finish high school. During these years, if you want to become a writer, you should upgrade your smarts attribute to become a talented writer. Reading books and spending time in the library is the key to getting the job and later becoming a famous author. After high school, though it is not necessary, obtaining a degree in English language will help increase your chances of getting a writing job.

Once you finish these steps, head to the Occupations tab and look for a writer position under Jobs. If it is not showing immediately, age up your character until the job listing appears. Sometimes, it might take several years before you find the listing.

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When you finally see it, select “apply for the position.” An interview question will appear, this is random but expect something like “which superhero is the best?”. After you have passed the interview, you will receive a welcome message with salary details, the name of your employer, and your career title.

This was the easy part. You are now in for years of grinding in the industry. You will work your way up, and many players need to spend around 20 years in the role before getting that fame bar.

Publish books and hope that they become bestsellers upon release. With every published bestseller, your chance of becoming a famous writer in BitLife increases. Good luck!

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