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BitLife All Pilot Test Answers Guide

PrimaGames 10-minute flight school is open for business!

by Nikola L
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Having some trouble getting that Pilot Licence in BitLife? You’re not successful at cramming for that difficult exam? Look no more – we’ll hook you up with a great cheat sheet. But hey, pssst, do not get caught cheating! And don’t go around crashing airplanes in-game, either.

Pilot Test Answers in BitLife

You first need to graduate from university. After you do so, go to Activities > Licences and attend flying lessons (40 hours) before attempting to chea… Ahem, take this test (which you’ll just pass after reading this guide). We don’t judge, no worries.

  • What is the name of the flap on the horizontal stabilizer?
    • Elevator
  • What is the name of this flap on the vertical stabilizer?
    • Rudder
  • What is the force that counteracts the thrust force for flight?
    • Drag
  • What is the force that counteracts the drag force for flight?
    • Thrust
  • What is the term for the rotational movement of the nose of the plane?
    • Roll
  • What is the nickname for the six basic aircraft instruments?
    • The Six Pack
  • What’s the name of the pilot’s area on the plane?
    • Cockpit
  • What is the term for Left and Right Movement of a Plane?
    • Yaw

Below, we will show you a gallery of flags that may come up on the test, and their meanings in the captions.

The question is: What does this airfield landing marker indicate?

Here are the signals that are shown by the aircraft marshaller and their meanings:

Question is: What is this aircraft marshaller signaling?

Here are instruments you’ll be shown and asked to recognize. Questions are:

  • What is the name of this gyroscopic instrument?
  • What is the name of this pitot-static instrument?

That’s about it. Congratulations, you passed! Now, you’re a Pilot Trainee that can start looking for jobs. Gradually, you’ll grow to become a Co-Pilot, Pilot, Airline Captain, and finally, Chief Pilot.

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