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Is Bitlife For Kids? – Bitlife Kids Warning Guide

Find out if BitLife is recommended for your child.

by Nikola L

If you are reading this, it means that you’re probably a responsible parent who is interested in your child’s online activities on their personal devices that they partake in during their free time, perhaps outside of your direct supervision.
In this article, we’ll do our best to help you gauge whether BitLife is a good game for kids or not.

Should I Let My Child Play BitLife?

The first thing that we notice about BitLife is that it’s rated for ages 17 and higher as M (which stands for Mature) due to Sexual Content and Drug Reference on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

It’s no wonder, given that there is quite a lot of sexual content, crime, drugs, murder, and more. While there are no graphic depictions of such actions, the textual storyline offers such content to the player. Like in every life simulator, you can do all sorts of things and embrace the consequences (or benefits) of your actions.

The issue that we notice is that younger kids might indulge in activities in-game that would absolutely not be beneficial to them should they decide to replicate them in real life, without critically considering that BitLife is just a game and that things that are done in video games belong in that realm and should not surface into reality.

If you opt to allow your child to play BitLife despite the suggested 17+ rating, we at least advise you to have “the talk” with your child about topics in BitLife (and other video games, if you haven’t done so already) so that they fully understand that video games are virtual and fictional and that real life is something completely different. Take some time to play the game yourself and check if the content is suitable.

Who knows, you might turn this into a positive experience so that your child learns that they only have one life and that they do not get a restart button if they mess up and go down the wrong path, and that most of the time, you don’t often get second chances.

In conclusion, we believe that there are far better games for your child than BitLife (regardless of the child’s age, there’s always something to find that’s not violent, and that’s educative, positive, and happy). And we especially emphasize that you should ban the device your child is using from all (micro)transactions through parental controls because you don’t want unauthorized and accidental purchases on your bank statement which are a huge pain to deal with.

Also, playing outside is fun, it never harmed the older generations. Right?

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