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How to Enter the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

If you don't end up sleeping with the fish before managing to escape, that is.

by Nikola L
screenshot of the mafia in bitlife

The Goodfellas Challenge is available for you to successfully conquer in BitLife, and we’ll help you complete it successfully in this guide. Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: you either read this article fully and win this challenge in BitLife, or you end up in the BitLife Mafia’s concrete shoe shop at the river docks (we at Prima Games GUARANTEE that they have your size on sale, plus they offer free trials if you wish to take them for a walk at the river bottom).

How to Complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife

In order to rat on the Mafia, you first need to become the Mafia. Being in New York helps a lot for this so you might want to consider giving birth to yourself in New York (no matter how awkward this sounds).

As soon as you are able to, start doing crimes to build up your reputation. As soon as you turn 18, you will be able to choose a Mafia to join (even the criminals have standards, who would have thought?).

When you join the Italian Mafia, you need to gain their trust by doing jobs for them, which will gradually increase your “rank” in the Mafia. After you are positioned high enough, you’ll get an option to betray them.

Now, there are two ways to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife. The first one is to commit a crime, get caught by the police, and then – at the police’s request – snitch on the Mafia to save yourself from jail time. That’s less convenient and more difficult, so we advise you to take the simpler route – just walk to the closest police station and offer to snitch of your own accord.

In both cases, you need to gather evidence on the Mafia members (you’ll have that option and we suggest you use it with more friendly ones as they’ll be less reluctant to provide valuable info) and if they become suspicious, you can “whack ’em”. As soon as you supply enough info to the police to get the Mafia convicted, you will get the offer to enter the witness protection program so that you can “safely” sleep with one eye open on the other side of the planet (since no one is safe from the Mafia, capish?).

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