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How to Complete BitLife Bridgerton Challenge

by Nikola Pajtic
a screenshot of bridgerton challenge emblem in bitlife

British-period drama series and films will never die out. Bridgerton is just one of many shows that have left fans in awe thanks to its forbidden love narrative, beautiful landscapes, and magnificent castles.

BitLife lets players enjoy the Bridgerton story while playing the real-life simulator with its newest challenge. It might seem difficult, but by following our guide, you will complete the Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife fast. 

BitLife: Bridgerton Challenge Guide

You must first set a few traits and objectives to start the challenge:

  • You will need to set your character to be a female born in the UK. 
  • Focus on becoming a famous Author in the game
  • As your character develops, start attending parties with your friends. You need to be a guest at 15 parties at least. 
  • A good English character knows a good rumor. So, spread at least 10 rumors about your friends. 
  • Last but not least, marry a royal. 

How to Become a Famous Author in BitLife

This task isn’t a hard one. You just need to age up your character until 18 years old, finish graduate school, obtain a major in English, and apply for a writer job. Once you get the job, publish books consistently and you’ll become a famous author. 

Befriend 15 People

The second task is to make at least 15 friends with whom you will attend parties. To do so, add as many people as you can from school and work. Once you add them, you will need to make the friendship last. You will do that by using the ‘Spend Time with All’ button in Relationships. 

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Now, to attend a party, select ‘Relationship’, click ‘Choose a Friend’, and then Party.

Start a Rumor

The opposite of maintaining a friendship is losing friends; starting a rumor will do just that. To start the rumor, go to ‘Relationship’ and instead of ‘Party’, choose the ‘Rumor’ option and watch hell break loose. 

Marrying a Royal

This one is the most complicated task within this challenge. You need to be a royal to finish it, and since being born as a royal is random, your best option is to marry royalty. 

To find one, use the game’s dating app or search a royalty at the gym. Once you make a connection, start flirting, and their heart will be yours in no time. If successful, a question will pop up and you will be married to a royal, thus completing the Bridgerton challenge in BitLife. 

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