How to Get the Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver

When you want to make that catch a sure thing

How to Get the Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver there are many weapons and tools used for catching all kinds of fish that you will later turn into sushi. Sometimes for best results, you really need to get strategic about it, especially when you want to catch more high-rank fish at once. The Net Gun, aka Small Net Gun, is a weapon that most rookie divers will start fishing with, it is ideal for catching more fish at the same time, up to 7 at once, but it is not possible to capture a larger catch with it. The Small Net Gun can be upgraded to Medium Net Gun, Large Net Gun, and finally Steel Net Gun.

As the strongest upgrade, the Steel Net Gun uses the most robust net made of steel that makes it ideal for quick farming and possible to capture much larger fish alive such as Tuna. To Find out what you need in order to create Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver check out the guide below.

Dave the Diver: How to Make Steel Net Gun

To craft Steel Net Gun you will need the following:

  • Large Net Gun x1
  • Steel Rope x1
  • Pelican Eel Skin x3
  • Topaz x20
  • 3400 Gold

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As for weapon stats – the range of the Steel Net Gun is 5, the Magazine capacity is 6, and it doesn’t have any additional elemental damage.

So there you have it, that would be the recipe for making Steel Net Gun. Remember, to create it, you would need to go through the whole route of upgrading the Small Net Gun, to the Medium one, and finally, the Large one, to be able to craft the Steel Net shooting version at the end of that weapon’s evolution. That will require some time and a bunch of materials that you will have to dive a lot for, but in the end, it will be worth it! Have fun.

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