Dave the Diver Marlin Location and Depth Explained

Dave the Diver: Marlin Location and Depth Explained

Finding the elusive spiky nosed fish to turn it into sushi!

Leave it to the indie games to blow us away again with an extremely entertaining game out of nowhere. In Dave the Diver, you are, well… Dave, who dives into the ocean catching fish for a Sushi Restaurant. So you dive, explore, grind for fish, upgrade your gear, and run the restaurant – all with a very nice pixel art graphical presentation and a simple, fun, and engaging gameplay loop. So to make the best Sushi you can, you’ll need some good ingredients – such as Marlins, one of the rarest fish. Let’s find out at what depth they spawn and how to farm them in Dave the Diver.

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Where to Find Marlin in Dave the Diver

Although a lot is randomized each time you dive, the safest depth to search for Marlins is between 20m and 50m. Those are shallow depths, where they will most likely spawn near other Tuna variants. To be able to catch a Marlin, you should bring an upgraded Harpoon Gun. Be cautious, since this type is extremely quick and can do significant damage. You can always use ordinary guns to catch Marlins, but you risk losing some meat from the fish.

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Keep an eye out for a Marlin-themed event called “Marlin Party” in the game where this type of fish will spawn more frequently, For first-time catchers, you may not be able to find any Marlins until this event unlocks for you. Once you finally catch a Marlin, you can use it in many recipes or sell it if you need credits, but this rare fish is best for cooking since it comes with a lot of meat!

Diver Dave is currently available only for PC via Steam, but hopefully, this super-fun game will find its way to other platforms sooner than later.

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