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What Does Auto Supply Do in Dave the Diver? – Answered


Things start simple when you first play Dave the Diver and open up Bancho Sushi. You have a few patrons who you and Bancho serve alone, but as the restaurant grows, you have to hire staff and manage your inventory. Using tools like auto supply will help you, especially if you run out of dish servings during rush hour! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover what auto supply does in Dave the Diver.

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Auto Supply in Dave the Diver – What Does it Do?

Auto supplying allows you to automatically restock your menu items during the evening while serving food. If you run out of servings for a particular dish and have auto supply enabled, it’ll refill itself without you having to enter the menu and manually add more. However, you’ll also consume that dish’s ingredients in the process.

In short, by using auto supply on your dishes, you can set the initial amount of servings before automatically adding more later if there are more patrons than expected.

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The main perk of enabling auto supply is allowing you to focus completely on serving customers and managing your staff. As you focus on this, it’s easy to miss that all your dishes are sold out and that you’re delivering a one-coin meal to five people.

This is also useful if you recently received a Cooksta rank-up and are unsure how many additional customers you’ll get. You can set the number of dishes low and enable auto supply so that you’ll consistently send out food without any problems if there are more people than you expected. I experience this almost every time I rank up, so this feature has helped prevent a bunch of Norimaki from exiting my kitchen.

Be careful, though, since you’ll automatically use ingredients while doing this. If you’re trying to save up for a high-price meal and need a few extra fish or seasonings, avoid using auto supply on dishes that drain your items!

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