How to Sell Items Dave the Diver

How to Sell Items in Dave the Diver

Make money to buy the fanciest diving gear in existence

Making money is one of the most important parts of succeeding in Dave the Diver. You need money to operate Bancho Sushi, upgrade your gear, and make Cobra happy. However, this game has multiple ways to gather extra cash, and I’m here to tell you all about it. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to sell fish, cooked dishes, and items in Dave the Diver.

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Updated July 13, 2023, by Madison Benson: Added more information about the Cobra Shop.

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How to Sell Fish, Food, and Items in Dave the Diver

There are three different ways you can sell items in Dave the Diver:

  • Cook dishes to serve at Bancho Sushi
  • Sell fish directly from your inventory
  • Sell non-food items at Cobra’s Premium Shop

The method you use will depend on the type of items you want to sell at specific times of day.

Cooking Dishes to Serve at Bancho Sushi

Your bread and butter throughout your playthrough will be to collect fish, arrange your menu and serve food at the Bancho Sushi restaurant. You’ll do this almost immediately after starting your playthrough and learn various ways to unlock more recipes, drinks, and ingredients. However, it’s only available in the evening, since you spend your morning and afternoon gathering fish!

To make the most out of this main feature, keep an eye on what dishes give the most money and “best taste” points before venturing out to gather ingredients! You’ll also want to enhance your food as often as possible to increase these stats, making them even more effective when served in the restaurant.

Selling Fish in Your Inventory

Over time, you’ll find high-quality and high-price ingredients for your restaurant dishes. When this happens, older fish will become obsolete and clog up your inventory. To sell them for some pocket change, head to Bancho Sushi and click the “Ingredients” tab or “4” on your keyboard. Here, you can sell any spare fish, plant or seasoning in your inventory to make a fraction of what you’d get from a menu item.

Ingredients Sell List Dave the Diver
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It isn’t a main money-maker, but it’s useful if you know you’ll never need the fish for a dish or can easily get it later. On the plus side, you can do this at any point in the day, including the evening!

Selling Items at Cobra’s Premium Shop

As you progress through Dave the Diver’s story, you’ll eventually unlock Cobra’s Premium Shop. This is the only way to sell non-food items like ores, shells, and other miscellaneous items. In particular, items like the silver bowl with “I should try selling it at the Cobra Shop” are good choices! Just be careful, though; this is unavailable during the evening.

Dave the Diver Sell Items at Cobra's Premium Shop
Screenshot by Prima Games

Personally, I don’t make new weapons often, so I tend to sell my spare copper and lead ore here too. While I don’t sell all of it, I usually give Cobra around half of my supply since I know I can easily get more later. Individually they’re not worth a lot, but it adds up when you’re selling a dozen at a time!

Another great item to sell here is gold bars and pearls. You’ll occasionally find these as you explore the ocean, complete quests, and interact with dolphins. They’ll give you a ton of money, so it’s worth selling these at the Cobra Shop if you need extra cash!

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