Where to Find the Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver

Find some delicious grapes and a jellyfish or two

Limestone Cave Location in Dave the Diver

The Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver is an important area you must explore as you progress through the main story. Whether you’re looking for a jellyfish or want to learn more about the Sea People civilization, this cave is part of the journey! However, locating this area is challenging, especially with changing Blue Hole variations and branching paths. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find the Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver.

Limestone Cave Location in Dave the Diver

Since you explore numerous versions of the Blue Hole, the Limestone Caves exact location will differ depending on your map. Generally speaking, you’ll find it in the map’s center, around 60-80 meters deep. Upgrade your diving suit through iDiver before attempting to swim through here!

As you approach Limestone Cave, you’ll begin to see small white and brown spikes on the walls and strong ocean currents that, once you enter them, will push you toward the spikes. Hitting these damages your oxygen, so be careful where you’re swimming!

In the two screenshots below, you’ll find examples of Limestone Caves I found during my playthrough. In the first version, it was dead-center of the map, and I just swam down to explore the area. The second was off to the side slightly, but I still traveled down the center initially before veering to the right to enter the cavern. I found both at depths of 64 meters and 79 meters, respectively.

Shortly after, during a main story quest, I found the Limestone Cave again at 74 meters depth. I won’t post that image to avoid spoilers, but you can expect to see it in the map’s center at this approximate depth several times.

What Can You Find in Dave the Diver’s Limestone Caves?

There are a few reasons why you’ll explore this cave throughout your Dave the Diver playthrough. One reason is that aquatic life like Sea Grapes and White Spotted Jellyfish live here, which you’ll have to gather for the main story.

Later in the story, you’ll frequently pass through Limestone Cave to access the Depths, as this area connects the two in many Blue Hole iterations.

Dave the Diver is available on PC through Steam. If you want to learn more about fishing in other video games, check out where to find the fishing rod in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, or click the Dave the Diver tag below to explore our growing content collection!

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