Where to Find Bluespotted Stargazer in Dave the Diver

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Bluespotted Stargazer Location in Dave the Diver

Some fish are easier to catch than others in Dave the Diver. While you can hop into the water and immediately see a Blue Tang or Clownfish, others require a bit of exploration. The Bluespotted Stargazer is one example, as you must dive deep into the ocean and use wild tactics to obtain them. Get ready to have some precision and patience! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find Bluespotted Stargazer in Dave the Diver.

Bluespotted Stargazer Location in Dave the Diver

The Bluespotted Stargazer is found exclusively in the Blue Hole Depths. After hitting 130 meters of depth, you’ll reach this point, but the Stargazer will likely appear slightly lower. However, they can spawn anywhere between 130-250 meters and will hide in the ground until you approach it.

Unlike typical fish, Bluespotted Stargazer spawns in the ground and will dart upward to attack you once you’re in range. You won’t be able to harpoon or shoot it while it’s hidden, but you can inflict damage with bombs. However, if it successfully lands an attack, you’ll lose some oxygen, so be careful!

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Instead, I usually approach the Stargazer, back up, and wait for it to attack before either shooting it or targeting it with my harpoon. There is a short window to attack, and you have to be precise with hitting the fish. After a few attacks, it’ll pop out of the ground, allowing you to pick it up and bring it to shore!

Dave the Diver Bluespotted Stargazer Attack
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Once you obtain this fish, you can use it in quests and gain progress in EcoWatcher. You can also make Bluespotted Stargazer sushi which, although it isn’t initially worth a ton, can be enhanced to raise its money and best taste values.

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