Microphone Location in Dave the Diver

How to Get the Microphone in Dave the Diver

Communication is key

Let’s quickly summarize the Dave the Diver story so far. You defeated a giant squid, attempted to speak to the Sea People, and realized you did not understand what they were saying! With that said, you require a translator, but to get this, you must find three items: amethyst, the Sea People stone tablet, and a microphone. If you’ve gone to the depths or returned to the quest room, you likely have the first two items already, but what about the third? To learn more, continue reading to discover how to find the microphone in Dave the Diver.

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Microphone Location in Dave the Diver – Sea People Language Translator Quest

To locate the microphone for the Sea People Language Translator quest, you must return to the sunken ship where you initially fought the giant squid. For most Blue Hole layouts, the ship is located at 100-110 meters depth. Enter the glowing entrance and descend to the bottom of the shipwreck interior to find the microphone on the ground.

In the screenshot below, you’ll find the approximate location in the shipwreck interior where I found the microphone during my playthrough. While I had already completed the quest by the time I returned here, I can confirm that it appeared near the bottom of the area, just before the giant squid fight spot.

Dave the Diver Sea People Language Translator Microphone
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Once you get your hands on the microphone, you’ll have to return to the Depths to get some amethyst and go to the Sea People Record Chamber from previous quests to get the stone slab! After collecting all three items, return to the surface to enlist help from Dr. Bacon with creating a translation device.

Dave the Diver is available on PC through Steam. To learn more about the game, check out how to sell items in Dave the Diver or click the game’s tag below to explore our growing content collection!

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