Dave the Diver Cookiecutter Shark Location and Depth

Dave the Diver: Cookiecutter Shark Location and Depth Explained

Megamouth Shark is scarier

Did you know sharks are a great way to make money in Dave the Diver’s early and mid-game? As long as you can avoid their attacks and swiftly defeat them, they provide so much meat for your sushi that you can easily enhance and sell them for some decent cash. The Cookiecutter Shark is no exception, and since you won’t encounter it frequently, it’s a good fish to have on hand. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover which depths you can find Cookiecutter Sharks and how to catch them in Dave the Diver.

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Where to Find Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver

The Cookiecutter Shark is an aggressive enemy in the Blue Hole Depths that appears between 130-250 meters. Unlike most large and slow-moving sharks, Cookiecutter is small but agile and can easily dart toward you to inflict a quick attack. However, like most fish, you can harpoon and shoot at it to defeat the shark, allowing you to collect and use it at Bancho Sushi.

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In the screenshot below, you’ll see an example of one I found at 226 meters. Whenever I dive into the Depths, I usually find the Cookiecutter Shark this far down, while the Megamouth Shark appears above 200. While the reverse situation is possible, this is what I’ve noticed so far.

Cookiecutter Shark Dave the Diver
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Admittedly, since I intended to get the weapon cache and batch of jellyfish to my left, I wasn’t anticipating finding this shark, leading to it inflicting a quick attack before I used my harpoon to defeat it. This shows that surprises can appear at any moment; always pay attention to your surroundings!

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