Dave the Diver: Moray Eel Location and Depth Explained

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Dave the Diver Moray Eel Location and Depth

As you’re swimming around in Dave the Diver, have you ever noticed those dark fish poking out of the ocean walls? When you approach them, they’ll launch out and attempt to attack you with no way for you to retaliate! Fortunately, you will eventually find a way to fight back against these pesky fish, and I’m here to tell you all about it. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover which depths you can find Moray Eels and how to catch them in Dave the Diver.

Where to Find Moray Eel in Dave the Diver

After beginning the ‘A Noisy Customer’ quest and unlocking night fishing, you can find Moray Eels swimming around depths of 0-50 meters. During the day, they appear in the wall and are invulnerable to your attacks. Once you dive at night, they’ll swim around and attack you on sight.

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Below is an example of one I found at 21 meters Blue Hole depth. The little red marker indicates that it is a hostile fish, as shown by its aggressively chasing after me the second I approached it.

Moray Eel Night Diving Dave the Diver
Screenshot by Prima Games

In this form, you can damage it just like any other fish. After a few attacks, you can collect and serve it to Otto. Thankfully, since it spawns in shallow water, you won’t have to travel far to return to the boat if you run out of carry capacity or oxygen.

Oh, and make sure you have some extra Turmeric before cooking the Moray Eel Curry for Otto! If you don’t have any in your inventory, you can collect the red cooking pots around the Blue Hole for a chance to pick up more.

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