Dave the Diver: How to Go Night Diving

In the mood for a night swim?

Dave the Diver How to Go Night Diving

Dave the Diver has become a beloved indie gem this summer. It’s a unique combination of fishing simulation and restaurant management, which has captured the attention of many players who have been enjoying diving and preparing sushi dishes. During the first hours of the game, the dynamics will mostly be diving during the day and serving sushi during the night but, as you progress a little farther, it is possible to dive into the Blue Hole in the nighttime as well. Let’s find out how to go night diving in Dave the Diver.

How to Go Night Diving in Dave the Diver

To unlock night diving in Dave the Diver you will need to reach Chapter 2. Somewhere at the beginning, after you complete the main story quest “Sea People Language Translator” Bancho will ask you to handle one problematic customer, kickstarting the quest “A Noisy Customer“. In this quest, you will get a request from the customer to make some Moray Eel Curry. The ingredient you need, specifically Moray Eels, is a type of fish that can only be caught at night – so the night diving will unlock for this quest, and once you complete it the ability to go for a nighttime dive will remain.

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A good thing to know is that night fishing will not take you the whole night, you will only spend one-third of the night diving and catching fish, while you will be able to spend the other two-thirds of your nighttime activities at the sushi bar, as usual. The chance of catching much more expensive night fish will make it worth it, but night diving also brings new dangers, so you better go into the night water well-prepared with your best weapons, flashlight, and a UV light in hand. Have fun!

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