Dave the Diver: How to Tranquilize Sharks

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Sharks in Dave the Diver
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Tranquilizers in Dave the Diver allow you to bring better fish back to Bancho’s Sushi place, which means more money for you, but it can be hard to put some creatures to sleep. Sharks are one kind of fish that can be tough to tranquilize, but I have a full guide for you on how to pull off the mechanic. Here’s how to tranquilize Sharks in Dave the Diver.

How to Tranquilize Sharks in Dave the Diver

The Tranquilizer Gun and the Hush Dart are the best ways to put a shark to sleep in Dave the Diver. Getting the Hush Dart is fairly easy to pull off in Chapter 1, but the base version is much weaker than the upgrade, so getting a shark to go to sleep will be far more difficult. Early on, I simply had to kill the sharks instead of waiting for the dart to take effect.

After Chapter 2 of Dave the Diver, you can start to upgrade your weapons through Duff’s shop. This is exactly how you can get your hands on the upgraded Tranquilizer Gun, and it’s the most reliable method for taking a shark in alive. Just like the dart version though, the rifle won’t always work, and it can help to deal some damage beforehand.

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In general, the Tranquilizers in Dave the Diver can take around eight seconds for the effect to initiate. However, larger fish can require more time. As long as the three dots are still above the shark, then there is a chance for it to fall asleep.

Other weapons in the game have slight Tranquilizer effects, such as specialized harpoon heads in the blue hole, and the mallet melee weapon. These are a last resort though and aren’t reliable for taking in dangerous fish as fresh sushi.

While you try to tranquilize some sharks, stay on the lookout for the White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver.

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