How to Get Sulfur in Palworld (& How to Farm It)

It's time to farm for gunpowder crafting materials.

Palworld sulfur
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If you’re looking forward to making guns in Palworld, you’ll need some sulfur to create gunpowder. Let’s talk about where to find sulfur so you can start your firearms-producing adventures alongside your Pals.

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Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

You can find sulfur scattered around the desert northwest of the Bridge of the Twin Knights and Ravine Entrance and in Mt. Obsidian on the map’s west side. Sulfur appears as a large yellow boulder, differentiating it from ore and stone rocks that also spawn in these areas.

Palworld desert biome location for sulfur
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Once you arrive at the desert or Mt. Obsidian, look for the yellow rocks dotting the ground’s surface. Make sure you bring a pickaxe, as you’ll need one to have the power to break it down and collect its resources. While a stone pickaxe works just fine, I recommend a metal one or stronger to make the mining process faster.

Much like stone and ore, sulfur is also slightly heavy, weighing three pounds per chunk, so keep an eye on your carry weight as you mine it. While one or two won’t impact your carrying capacity much, it adds up if you carry dozens of this material.

How to Farm Sulfur in Palworld

Like ore farming in Palworld, creating an automatic mining base that uses Pals such as Digtoise will help you obtain this resource quicker with little effort.

To do this, head to areas like Mt. Obsidian, particularly the areas surrounding the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre, and set up a base to help make mining, transport, and storage easier. Digtoise is one of the best Pals you can use for this, as its Drill Crusher skill makes mining much faster. From here, arrange your base for easy mining and transport and have a few extra Pals around to pick up your ores to begin your sulfur farm.

Alternatively, you can head to the desert where the Anubis alpha resides if that is easier for you to reach. While sulfur is slightly more scattered here, depending on where you go, it’s still a reliable source of this material that you can easily farm once you find the right spot.

Lastly, if you want to turn your sulfur farm into a long-term base, build beds and food boxes for your Pals so they can keep working indefinitely.

How to Use Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur’s main purpose in Palworld is to help you make gunpowder. To make gunpowder, you’ll need to unlock the technology node once you hit level 21. From here, you need two charcoal, one sulfur chunk, and a high-quality workbench to make the material.

Palworld gunpowder tech requiring sulfur
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Once you have your resources, bring them to your high-quality Workbench to make some gunpowder, which you can use to craft guns and ammo as you unlock them throughout your playthrough.

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