How to Build an Automated Ore Farm Base in Palworld

No more pickaxes needed
Palworld automated ore farm base
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If you plan on building guns, advanced Pal Spheres, and various advanced structures in Palworld, you’ll need hundreds of ingots, requiring you to spend time farming ore. While you could mine it all by hand, creating an automatic ore farming base will help you passively gain this material over time.

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How to Farm Ore Fast in Palworld

There are two ways to obtain ores in Palworld: mining them yourself or getting your Pals to collect the resource for you. While mining ore rocks yourself is a great way to obtain some quickly in dire situations, it’s much easier to get your Pals to farm it for you, as doing this allows you to focus on other tasks or explore the world.

Today, we’ll focus on completely automating your base so you can get your Pals to farm ore for you.

How to Build an Automatic Ore Farming Base in Palworld

As detailed by Boomstick Gaming, building an automatic ore farming base requires finding a location filled with ore rocks before creating your base and using Pals with mining and transporting work suitability. By doing this, your Pals will obtain these resources over time and automatically transport them to a wooden chest, allowing you to leave and return later to collect everything before repeating the process.

Below is a brief step-by-step to making your automatic ore farming base in Palworld:

  1. Choose your ore mining base.
  2. Build a Palbox and wooden chest near the ore rocks.
  3. Make beds and food boxes for your Pals.
  4. Have mining and transport Pals assigned to work there.
  5. Create a berry plantation and hot spring to keep your Pals happy.

If you don’t have the resources to make the berry plantation or hot spring, you can also return to the base and manually give them food or swap out Pals as their sanity decreases. Furthermore, while having two bases makes this process much easier, you can still accomplish this with one if you dedicate space.

Let’s talk about each step in more detail.

Choosing Your Base and Assigning Pals

Having the right base location will greatly determine the effectiveness of this mining operation. After all, you need ore around to mine, or you won’t get many resources.

The image below from Boomstick Gaming’s video highlights some example spots you can use. While he uses the fourth spot in his video, I chose the first for the purpose of this guide.

Palworld automated ore farm locations
Image via Boomstick Gaming (YouTube)

Some great locations to set up an ore farm include

  1. Coordinates (156, -392): this location contains eight Ore veins on a flat rocky cliff face across the way from the Alpha Chillet boss.
  2. Coordinates (70, -404): nine ore veins beside the Desolate Church which has access to a Statue of Power comfortably nestled within the woods. There’s also plenty of nearby Paldium deposits around a waterfall, making it an excellent location for collecting the majority of your most necessary resources.
  3. Coordinates (8, -529): a relatively flat location with eight Ore veins to mine from.
  4. Coordinates (-76, -318): a long stretch of land along the Moonless Shore, featuring a whopping 11 Ore veins, with a few more included just outside the area’s perimeter. The area is also home to plenty of Cinnamoth if you’re in need of some honey.
  5. Coordinates (-39, -163): here you’ll find eight Ore Veins right beside a Skill Fruit Tree.
  6. Coordinates (190, -38): this location includes six Ore veins and six Coal veins atop a rather steep cliff.

At the end of the day, though, it’s entirely up to you where to go.

Once you choose your desired location, place the following items:

  • Palbox.
  • Wooden Chest.
  • Straw Pal Bed.
  • Feed box.
Palworld automatic ore farm base setup
Screenshot by Prima Games

After filling the feed box, recruit some mining pals at your Palbox to begin mining ores. As highlighted in the video, some examples are Digtoise, Dumud, and Tombat. Tombats are available at night near the Rayne Syndicate Tower and surrounding islands, while Digtoise and Dumud spawn much farther north in the sandy deserts north of the Ravine Entrance.


Digtoise in particular is an excellent early-game choice to set up an Ore farm with, thanks to its Drill Crusher Partner Skill which specifically allows it to efficiently smash through rocks at high speeds. To unlock this skill, you’ll need to craft the Digtoise’s Headband key item (unlocked at level 19), using 20 Leather, 30 Fiber, 10 Ingot, 50 Stone, and 20 Paldium Fragments.

Just be careful as you explore these areas, especially the desert, as various aggressive Pals can attack you at any time. For example, while catching a Dumud for this process, a herd of Tocotoco Pals exploded while I wasn’t paying attention before a Direhowl finished the job. Fortunately, I made a base here beforehand, so returning didn’t take long.

Once you have your Pals ready, assign them to work at your new base to have them begin mining ores. From here, have at least one additional Pal to transport ores to your wooden chest to automate the process.

Keeping the Process Going and Your Pals Happy

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure your Pals have structures like the food box, straw bed, and hot spring so they can eat, sleep, and relax when needed. If you build a berry plantation and have Pals around to water and harvest crops, you won’t have to return later to resupply their food basket.

Over time, your Pals will get plenty of ores, and the rocks will respawn, allowing you to farm ores infinitely. While you may occasionally have to return to check they’re not injured or incapacitated, they’ll generally have no issues mining and transporting your ores, resulting in hundreds of these resources daily.

From here, you can take it a step further by having a Kindling Pal such as Foxparks and a primitive furnace set up in this base so you can take your ores, smelt them into ingots, and return later to collect the material. Depending on your setup, you can arrange more structures nearby to help with crafting or return to a second base to organize that.

How to Use Ore in Palworld

Ore is one of the most important resources you can collect in Palworld, alongside wood and stone, especially in the early game. This is because you can use a furnace to smelt it into ingots, which is a common crafting material used to build various structures, upgraded weapons, and gear.

You’ll also need it for upgraded Pal Sphere and equipment repairs, so having some on hand can help you in sticky situations where you encounter a raid and need some quick spheres or repairs to fix damaged armor.

And that’s all there is to Ore farms in Palworld! To learn more about the game, check out how to get high-quality Pal Oil in Palworld, or click the tag below to browse our growing article list.

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