How to Get Silver Kelp in Coral Island

If you want that sprinkler, you're going to need some silver kelp.

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Coral Island offers a wide variety of items to craft, but some of these items require rare ingredients. One of the more elusive components is Silver Kelp, which is an essential component if you want to craft a sprinkler or make a particularly potent fertilizer.

There are only three methods to get Silver Kelp in Coral Island.

How to Get Silver Kelp in Coral Island: Diving

There’s an area underwater with a guaranteed Silver Kelp spawn, but there’s a chance you might not be able to access it yet. You’ll need to complete the quest, Into the Ocean, and heal 20 coral shrines to be able to access this area.

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But once you’ve completed it, head Southeast from where you first enter the ocean. Follow a set of very obvious stairs downwards, and you’ll reach depths of 20 meters. This is the depth that Silver Kelp thrives in, and you’ll be able to find plenty of them just waiting to be harvested.

How to Get Silver Kelp in Coral Island: Beach

If you haven’t completed the Into the Ocean quest, another option is to try to dig up Silver Kelp on the beach. This is far more luck based, but you’ll increase your chances if you see a clover on the beach. Take your hoe to it, and there’s a chance that there might be Silver Kelp beneath it.

The clovers that sprout along the path to the Abandoned Villa may also have Silver Kelp beneath them. All clovers respawn weekly, so be sure to check back often until you’re able to access the deeper areas in the ocean.

How to Get Silver Kelp in Coral Island: Purchase

If all else fails, you can always buy Silver Kelp from the laboratory. Unfortunately, it costs 250 coins for only one. But if your farm is bringing in great profits, it’s not a terrible idea.

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