How to Get Rufus’s Fury in Destiny 2

"For every round, a whisper. For every shell, a scream." —Rufus, Acolyte of Nezarec

Auto rifle lovers, be prepared to live in the golden age. Auto rifles are getting a huge boost in damage with the next update and now is the time to grind out some of the best auto rifles in the game. And that means, of course, getting your hands on one of the newest Strand auto rifles. Here’s how to get Rufus’s Fury in Destiny 2.

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How to Get Rufus’s Fury in Destiny 2

Let’s start off with what we’re all thinking: Rufus is a really dumb name for an Acolyte of Nezarec. Rufus isn’t a name that screams “intimidation”. And yet, he happens to have a damn good auto rifle that you can claim with enough grinding and luck.

Rufus’s Auto Rifle debuted in Lightfall’s Season 20 with the Root of Nightmare Raid. And since then, it’s quickly established itself as one of the best 720 RPM auto rifles available.

It’s Legendary, Kinetic, and has a Rapid-Fire Frame. Its Strand Energy also makes it a useful weapon for a variety of mods, which are naturally getting some spotlight with Season 20. But to get it, you only have a handful of chances each week.

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Rufus’s Fury will drop from the Third Encounter, against Zo’aurc, the Cabal that has you shifting planets around a room. Once you defeat this encounter, you can claim a chest which might drop Rufus’s Fury or three other weapons or three other armor pieces. So, yeah. Odds aren’t great.

But you have another drop chance when you complete the fourth encounter. This chest has the ability to drop any weapon from previous encounters, which naturally includes Rufus. If Rufus doesn’t drop from either chest, be sure to run the Raid through again on your two other characters. And if you haven’t got two other characters, you should really consider making them. Some of the best weapons belong to raids, and RNG is often unkind.

If you’re actually grinding out a God Roll, then be sure to grab each secret chest in the Raid.

Good luck getting that drop! And while you’re in there, why not try to unlock the Seal for the raid, too?: All Triumphs Needed to Unlock the Root of Nightmares Seal in Destiny 2.

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