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Starfield Peacemaker Armor
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After completing Starfield and delving into New Game+, I struggle to swap out of the Starborn Armorset. It’s too powerful and extremely aesthetically pleasing. But I have to admit, the gold of the Peacemaker Spacesuit in Starfield is enticing. I like the regal appearance, and it doesn’t have half-bad stats, either. Even better is you can score this unique armor in Starfield quite early, making it a formidable boon. Here’s how to get it.

Where to Get Peacemaker Armor in Starfield

To get the Peacemaker armor set in Starfield, you must complete a side quest with multiple steps that begin when you land at Eleos Retreat in the Ixyll Star System. Upon exiting your starship, you’ll see a large group of people crowded around two arguing individuals. They’ve lost a worker, Kilmin, who went missing recently, and they suspect foul play.

By progressing through the quest and speaking with the retreat’s benefactor at the end, you’ll receive the Peacemaker armor.

Peacemaker Quest Walkthrough

The entire quest features four steps: Dead Stop, Ghost Hunt, Exorcism, and Peacemaker. You must complete each one in turn to acquire this rare armor set.

Dead Stop

The first step in this quest is also the easiest. After speaking with the various residents of Eleos Retreat, they task you with tracking down the missing construction worker, Kilmin, who was last seen at a nearby cave. Unfortunately, the cave is filled with alien fauna and somewhat dangerous to the everyday denizens of the retreat. But not you.

Inside, take the path to your immediate right. It will lead down a long crystalline bridge, with a few minor enemies in your path, and you’ll spot Kilmin cowering along the tunnel to the right.

Ghost Hunt

After helping Kilmin successfully return to Eleos, he provides a short description of his kidnapping. He describes a metallic floor and a smell like the inside of a Med Pack. It’s mysterious but enough of a lead for the others to determine a nearby research outpost as the point of interest.

Once there, you’ll find the place crawling with robotic enemies of varying difficulties. The easiest are minor turrets, and the toughest are the robotic dogs that pounce and stagger you. It’s annoying, but they’re easily dispatched if you’re high enough level.

You’ll make your way through the facility, following the hallways leading to the left and deeper past the control room. There’s a small office space with a cot and containers, and here you’ll find an encrypted slate to bring back to Eleos.


After decrypting the slate, it’s time to finish up the quest line and confront the kidnappers. They use the abandoned research center as a home base, but they’re away on a supply run. You’ll return to the point where you found the slate, sit on the couch, and wait.

It won’t take long for two Trackers Alliance agents to wander through the door, and here you have options. You could persuade them to leave Eleos Retreat alone, kill them, or pay them off. The best path, if your skills allow, is to persuade them.

Once they’re dealt with, return to Eleos Retreat and let Sloan know everyone is safe.


But that’s not the end of the quest, as the director of Eleos Retreat asks you to visit Akila City to speak with their benefactor. She’s the CEO of Laredo Firearms and is quite ecstatic that you managed to deal with the situation.

To show her gratitude, she provides you with the full Peacemaker armor set, including the helmet and boost pack.

Peacemaker Armor Stats and Details

The Peacemaker armor set includes three key pieces: the spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack. You will receive all three entirely free for completing the quest at Eleos Retreat. But be wary because all together, these three pieces prove extremely heavy. You will wind up over-encumbered and have to waddle through Akila City.

Peacemaker Spacesuit

  • Physical: 73
  • Energy: 77
  • EM: 81
  • Thermal: 10
  • Corrosive: 0
  • Airborne: 20
  • Radiation: 30
  • Affect:
    • Peacemaker – Rifles do +10% more damage.
    • Sturdy: -15% incoming melee damage.
    • Liquid Cooled – +25% Thermal Resistance.
  • Mass: 6.80
  • Value: 17756
  • Item ID: 0013F97D

Peacemaker Helmet

  • Physical: 56
  • Energy: 64
  • EM: 60
  • Thermal: 10
  • Corrosive: 20
  • Airborne: 0
  • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 1.80
  • Value: 4007
  • Item ID: 0013F97B

Peacemaker Boost Pack

  • Physical: 52
  • Energy: 68
  • EM: 60
  • Thermal: 0
  • Corrosive: 20
  • Airborne: 10
  • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 6.30
  • Value: 4987
  • Item ID: 0013F97C

Overall, the quest isn’t difficult to complete. While the robots may prove a slight challenge if you’re under-leveled for the area, they’re not impossible. You can kite them, lead them to a choke point, or sneak past. In the end, you’ll wind up with a fantastic armor set relatively early in the game.

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