How to Complete Ghost Hunt in Starfield

Chasing ghosts who leave plenty of clues...

Welcome to part two in the Eleos Retreat quest chain! We’re halfway through, and that much closer to unraveling who in the world kidnapped Kilman. Here’s how to complete Ghost Hunt in Starfield.

How to Complete Ghost Hunt in Starfield

To recap the last quest, Dead Stop, you found the missing construction worker in the Mineral Caves near Eleos Retreat, a rehabilitation community. Turns out Kilman was kidnapped, but we don’t know why or by whom. But Sloane, the director of the Eleos Retreat, has an idea. Let’s dive in.

Sloan will send you to an abandoned research outpost nestled into the mountain near Mineral Caves. Head inside and you’ll be met with some robotic resistance. But if you’ve done any exploration, even some of the main questline, this abandoned outpost should look very familiar to you!

It has the exact same layout as the others, down to the location of the Skill Magazine, Peak Performance.

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But what we really want is to get on the bottom floor. There are several entries to do this. You can go through the door immediately in front of you upon entering the outpost. You can go down the stairs beside the kitchen. You can also jump from the balcony in the kitchen.

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Get there however you like and be aware of the turrets. Then, head to the door in the corner.

Inside, you’ll find two more turrets and two more robot combat dogs. Kill them, then pass through the door almost immediately across from where you entered. You’ll find yourself in a server room with stairs.

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Go up the stairs, then take the first right in the corridor you’ll arrive in. This will lead to a long cubicle office. There will be a robot and turret. Take them out, then head to the far end of the office space. There, on the right, will be the door we’re looking for.

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Find Clues About the Kidnapper

Inside this room, you’ll find a large Science Crate. Inside the Science Crate will be a Corrupted Slate. This is the clue we need.

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Unfortunately, if you examine it, you’ll find that it really is corrupted and thus unreadable. Let’s bring it back to Sloane and see what she says.

Speak to Sloane

Sloane will be inside the Eleos Retreat in the Infirmary. The infirmary is where we found Greg D’Angelo. But if you’re having trouble finding it, it’s behind the crystal in the main room, to the back and right.

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Monika will decrypt the code. Apparently, the attackers were with the Trackers Alliance. The Trackers are intergalactic bounty hunters. But why are they attacking the construction workers at The Eleos Retreat?

It’s our job to find out. So, let’s dive right into the next quest step called Exorcism.

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