How to Complete Exorcism in Starfield

Time you use a bit of reverse psychology

Yes! This is the third quest in the lineup for the Eleos Retreat. But we’re almost there, so let’s resolve this once and for all. Here’s how to complete Exorcism in Starfield.

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How to Complete Exorcism in Starfield

Here we are, back again. Or perhaps we never really left. Either way, in the last part of the Eleos Retreat quest line, Ghost Hunt, we found where the construction worker, Kilman, had been taken. In doing so, we found a corrupted slate, which revealed that two rogue bounty hunters had put a big target on the Eleos Retreat.

We don’t know why yet. But we’re sure to find out.

But first, let’s read the room. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how we should solve this little problem.

Speak to the Retreat Staff

There are four people we’ll need to speak to, and they’re all in the infirmary in The Eleos Retreat. If you can’t recall where the infirmary is, it’s inside the Eleos Retreat building. Once you’re inside, head behind the crystal and take the far back right door.

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Here’s how each of the Eleos Retreat staff views the situation and how they think the bounty hunters in the Trackers Alliance should be handled. This step is optional, but if you speak to everyone, you’ll get credits, and the peaceful option at the end will be easier to obtain.

  • Sloan – She wants a nonviolent solution to this problem. She believes the Trackers are acting out of fear and urges you to listen to them and try to understand them.
  • Greg – He’s certain that they won’t respect anything other than force. But he knows that the solution will make Sloane unhappy.
  • Monika – She tells you that the best way to get under their skin is to tell them that pushing around a bunch of counselors makes them look weak.
  • Nevan – He just wants you to pay the bounty hunters off. He’ll then give you 2,500 credits.

Now that you’ve got a sense of how the team wants you to resolve the situation, it’s time to find those bounty hunters.

Confront the Bounty Hunters

The abandoned outpost was empty the last time we went, with the exception of the robotic security force. If you didn’t grab that Skill Magazine last time, now is the perfect time to do so.

Return to the Abandoned Outpost.

You’ll need to head to the very back, right where you found the Corrupted Slate. There won’t be any enemies if you handled them all last time. Instead, you’ll find a red couch. Sit on that couch and wait for the Trackers to return.

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No, I’m not joking.

You’ll get a time pass screen, and the trackers will wander in.

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You can then persuade or attack them. Naturally, the best result, which will have Sloan and the staff the least annoyed with you, is to persuade them to leave. You’re perfectly set up for it, from the bribe money to the persuasion points Monika gave you.

And you’ll only need to succeed on this one persuade check to make the Trackers leave the Eleos Retreat alone. If you resolved it peacefully, she’ll be full of gratitude, and you’ll get 100 EXP and 7,600 Credits.

But somehow, this still isn’t over. Nevan is certain that the Trackers will come back. And he knows someone who can put a permanent stop to it.

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