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How to Get Nuclear Fuel Rods in COD DMZ

Time to increase the Stash.

Nuclear Fuel Rods have typically been used for some extra cash in a DMZ deployment and they were essentially useless for a few seasons. In Season 4, players need to get a hold of these rods for a Stash upgrade, and you need to find at least 10 of them before getting to the rest of the expansions. Here’s how to get Nuclear Fuel Rods in Call of Duty DMZ.

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Where to Find Nuclear Fuel Rods in COD DMZ

Nuclear Fuel Rods can be earned by completing the Secure Nuclear Material contracts on any of the main maps for the Call of Duty DMZ mode. Up to four of the fuel rods can be found when you search the designated caches for these missions, and they are also super easy to complete if you don’t mind following a Geiger Counter.

Secure Nuclear Material contracts are marked by the radiation symbols within the green phone icons on a major map. As long as you deploy into Al Mazrah, Vondel, or Ashika Island, you will have access to plenty of these around the area. There are always two caches to locate, and each one tends to have at least two Nuclear Fuel Rods for you to collect.

In maps like Building 21, there is no way to complete standard contracts. However, I have personally found Nuclear Fuel Rods while exploring Building 21 in COD DMZ. I found some in the back of a cargo truck and within chests on the basement floor. This gives you another chance to extract with the rods in a tougher area.

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At least 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods need to be extracted in the DMZ in order to get the first Stash upgrade unlocked. The Stash includes space for keys and quest items, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on the upgrade. Just complete contracts when you can and extract with the material.

Another important unlock for Season 4 is the Barter Recipes. Make sure you start progressing these as well so you have access to more equipment in the DMZ.

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