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How to Enter the Ring Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Keep getting caught?

You’ll likely run into Kakariko Village’s Ring Ruins early on in ToTK, but these ruins will remain inaccessible for the majority of the game. So read on to find out when and how to enter the Ring Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Enter the Ring Ruins

You must reach the Fifth Sage quest to enter the Ring Ruins in ToTK. There are tons of solutions to entering new areas in Hyrule, so you might believe you’re just doing something wrong when Calip stops you outside of Kakariko Village. In this case, it’s really just a matter of time and progress. Link won’t be able to enter the Ring Ruins until enough main story progress has been made.

One of the first major quests given in Tears of the Kingdom is called “Regional Phenomena” and it tasks you with searching for Zelda in four locations. The Ring Ruins will remain closed off until this part of the game has been completed. We tried to get into the ruins before making enough progress, and we were stopped at nearly every angle.

There is a sidequest that tasks you with searching for slabs near the ruins as well, but you don’t need to enter the Ring Ruins specifically. Instead, you can use the Ascend ability to climb the scaffolding and reach the additional ruins above the village. Otherwise, simply get further in the story and come back later.

How to Get the Fifth Sage Quest

Purah will task you with finding the fifth sage after you’ve completed the quests Regional Phenomena and Crisis at Hyrule Castle. This means completing all four dungeons located around Hyrule and entering Hyrule Castle up in the sky where Princess Zelda was last seen.

Purah doesn’t give you much to go off of, but she does subtly point you toward the Ring Ruins in Kakariko Village. Heading there will start the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest. The Ring Ruins aren’t where the fifth sage is located, mind you, but here you can finally enter them and learn the true location of the fifth sage.

Where to Find the Ring Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom (ToTK)

You can find the Ring Ruins by heading to Kakariko Village in Tears of the Kingdom, which is of the Lanryu Wetlands. As always, reaching these areas is easiest when you start with a Skyview Tower. In this case, the closest tower is at Sahasra Slope. You can easily ascend the tower and glide your way down to the Ring Ruins from here.

Secret of the Ring Ruins Quest


You’ll need to be able to use the camera on your Purah Pad to be able to complete Secret of the Ring Ruins. Make sure you get the camera function from Robbie by completing Camera Work in the Depths.

To start the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest, you’ll want to head to the ruins and talk to Paya and Tauro gawking and chatting beneath the scaffolding. Now you can climb up the scaffolding to reach the ring Calip constantly shooed you away from before. At the top of the scaffolding, you can use Ascend to get into the ring itself. You’ll then need to snap a pic of the Ring Ruins stone slab which discusses the fifth sage.

Show your picture to Paya and company, and they’ll try to puzzle through the slab’s text with you. The crew will then scatter off, and you’ll need to meet up with them at different locations:

  • Meet Calip at the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower.
  • Meet Tauro at the Dracozu River.

When meeting with Tauro, you’ll be spurred to find and wear an “electric garb.” This is referring to the Charged Armor Set, and you’ll need to follow along the serpentine river to find each piece of the armor.

Once you have each of the Charged Armor pieces, throw them on and continue following the river. At the end of the river, head into the glowing ruins and drop a Zonai charge onto the altar. This will clear the stormy clouds above hiding a collection of sky islands.

This completes the Secret of the Ring Ruins in ToTK, and your next stop will be those very sky islands you just unveiled. You can use the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to reach them.

And for more ToTK, check out all armor locations. You may have just gotten a new set from the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest, but there’s better armor out there.

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