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How to Enter the Ring Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Keep getting caught?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ring Ruins Tears of the Kingdom

The Hyrule map in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is gigantic, and there is no doubt that each player will have an entirely different path through the main story requirements. Any players who start their journey to the southeast will quickly run into the Kakariko Village, and the Ring Ruins as well.

While the village is entirely welcoming to Link as soon as he enters, the Ring Ruins are closed off and a man named Calip will stop anyone from entering. We’ll go over when you can enter this area and how it works so you don’t waste any more time in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Enter the Ring Ruins

You must reach the Fifth Sage quest to enter the Ring Ruins in TOTK. There are tons of solutions to entering new areas in Hyrule, so you might believe you’re just doing something wrong when Calip stops you outside of Kakariko Village. In this case, it’s really just a matter of time and progress. Link won’t be able to enter the Ring Ruins until enough main story progress has been made.

One of the first major quests given in Tears of the Kingdom is called “Regional Phenomena” and it tasks you with searching for Zelda in four locations. The Ring Ruins will remain closed off until this part of the game has been completed. I tried to get into the ruins before making enough progress, and I was stopped at nearly every angle.

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There is a sidequest that tasks you with searching for slabs near the ruins as well, but you don’t need to enter the Ring Ruins specifically. Instead, you can utilize the Ascend ability to climb the scaffolding and reach the additional ruins above the village. Otherwise, simply get further in the story and come back later.

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