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How to Earn Reward Boxes in the ESO Season of the Dragon

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Season of the Dragon

Just one day after the Necrom announcement for the Elder Scrolls Online, the Season of the Dragon Celebration has gone live for players to enjoy until February 7. During that time, players can earn some new Reward Boxes tied to the event, and there are some fantastic cosmetics involved.

Along with the Glorious Boxes tied to the Season of the Dragon, there will also be standard Elsweyr Reward Boxes that contain smaller items. Within the major boxes, there are all kinds of Motifs from the Elsweyr locations and Salable Treasures. Our guide will outline exactly how you can earn both of these boxes on a daily basis in ESO.

ESO Season of the Dragon – How to Earn Reward Boxes

The Glorious Elsweyr Reward Box that everyone wants from the Season of the Dragon Celebration can only be earned once per day and is the only way to get the much higher tier of rewards like Motif pages. Only two methods exist for earning the Glrious Boxes and at least one of them is easy. Players can either complete their first Daily Quest in Northern or Southern Elsweyr, or the first Weekly Quest for the Sunspire Trial can be completed.

Both options will net the Glorious Reward Box, but you only need to complete one and you’re done for the day. However, you can continue to complete tasks around Elsweyr for standard Reward Boxes. There are plenty of ways to earn these boxes and you can find them all below as seen on the ESO blog.

  • Finishing the Bane of Dragons introductory quest
  • Repeating Daily Quests
  • Slaying Dragons/world bosses in Northern or Southern Elsweyr
  • Defeating Wrathstone and Scalebreaker dungeon bosses
  • Opening treasure chests
  • Opening safeboxes
  • Looting objects such as barrels, crates, etc.
  • Looting Psijic portals
  • Cracking open Thieves Troves
  • Harvesting crafting resource nodes

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These standard boxes have many of the same rewards along with plenty of fluff. That means it’s much rarer to find Motif pages when looting these boxes. Considering there are so many ways to get the Reward Boxes in ESO though, your odds are still high.

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