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All Alliance War Ranks and Titles in Elder Scrolls Online

Know your rank!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Alliance War Ranks and Titles in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO that has been played by a loyal community for a long time – since 2014 – but as of 2021, it is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Set in the world of Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online is only partially connected to other single-player games from the franchise, but everything you’re used to in Bethesda RPG titles is there; all the locations, races, questing, grinding, and gearing up your characters – with the addition of PvP because after all, this is an MMO.

If you decide to take player vs player combat more seriously, you should know that there are about 50 ranks, with 25 grade one and grade two titles, which indicate to others just how good you are in the mode. To learn about all Alliance titles and ranks in ESO, keep on reading.

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All Alliance War Ranks and Titles in Elder Scrolls Online

In the following table, you can see all 50 ranks and how they split up over 25 Alliance War Titles in Elder Scrolls Online.

1Grade 1Volunteer
2Grade 2Volunteer
3Grade 1Recruit
4Grade 2Recruit
5Grade 1Tyro
6Grade 2Tyro
7Grade 1Legionary
8Grade 2Legionary
9Grade 1Veteran
10Grade 2Veteran
11Grade 1Corporal
12Grade 2Corporal
13Grade 1Sergeant
14Grade 2Sergeant
15Grade 1First Sergeant
16Grade 2First Sergeant
17Grade 1Lieutenant
18Grade 2Lieutenant
19Grade 1Captain
20Grade 2Captain
21Grade 1Major
22Grade 2Major
23Grade 1Centurion
24Grade 2Centurion
25Grade 1Colonel
26Grade 2Colonel
27Grade 1Tribune
28Grade 2Tribune
29Grade 1Brigadier
30Grade 2Brigadier
31Grade 1Prefect
32Grade 2Prefect
33Grade 1Praetorian
34Grade 2Praetorian
35Grade 1Palatine
36Grade 2Palatine
37Grade 1August Palatine
38Grade 2August Palatine
39Grade 1Legate
40Grade 2Legate
41Grade 1General
42Grade 2General
43Grade 1Warlord
44Grade 2Warlord
45Grade 1Grand Warlord
46Grade 2Grand Warlord
47Grade 1Overlord
48Grade 2Overlord
49Grade 1Grand Overlord
50Grade 2Grand Overlord

Those are all Alliance War Ranks and Titles in Elder Scrolls Online. Unlocking most of them will net you an achievement and other bonuses, aside from you being able to flaunt your new rank and title.

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