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How to Dye Armor in Minecraft

Bring some color to your armor game

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Dye Armor in Minecraft

Are you tired of the standard armor in Minecraft and its dull colors? Well, you can customize the color of your armor, but only as long it is a leather type. Armor made of this material is not the strongest in the game, but it offers the most possibilities for visual customization, and that is why you are here! So let’s find out how to dye armor in Minecraft Java and Badrock Editions.

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How to Dye Armor in Minecraft

To begin, you will need leather armor, which you can craft from the leather that drops when you kill cows (also donkeys, mules, horses, etc.), and you will also need a standard dye of your choice, which can be obtained from various sources (flowers, plants, etc.) and is also used to paint everything else in the game. When you have these items to dye armor in Minecraft, follow the instructions below.

How to Dye Armor in Minecraft Java Edition

  1. Place the leather armor that you want to dye on the crafting table.
  2. Put the dye next to it – you can place up to 8 dyes.
  3. Pick up the dyed armor and equip it.

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Just as when dying candles, glass, or beds, you can combine dyes to get different colors, so place them around the item on the crafting table and check the result in the output field – once you are happy with the color, just pick it up. If you mistakenly painted an item in a color you don’t like, just fill the cauldron with water and interact with it to wash the dye off.

How to Dye Armor in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. Place a cauldron and fill it with water using a bucket.
  2. Use the dye with the filled cauldron to color the water inside.
  3. Take the piece of leather armor you want to paint in your hand and “attack” it in the direction of the colored water.

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That would be all related to dyeing leather items in Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions, now go get those dyes, experiment with all color combinations, and have fun!

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