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Invisible Item Frame Command Guide for Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2023)

For the aesthetics

by Jordan Lemons

There sure are a number of strange things you can do in Minecraft, with one of the weirdest being making Item Frames invisible. While not altogether the most useful of commands, it can be detrimental to set right your aesthetics when setting up your decoration. And the best part about it is that you can do this both in Creative and in Survival. Here’s our guide on how to make Invisible Item Frames in Minecraft.

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How to Make Item Frames Invisible in Minecraft

There are a number of commands that you can use in Minecraft, such as setting the time of day and locating nearby Biomes, Creatures, or habitats. And among these many lists of commands is one to make Item Frames invisible. Why Item Frames? I feel like there maybe could have been a greater more sinister purpose behind this command, but I digress, as I am not feeling altogether too creative to think of said purpose. The command that you have to type is a bit of a long one, but the great thing about Minecraft is that it’ll often help you out as long as you got a couple of the keywords down. 

/give @p item_frame{EntityTag:{Invisible:1b}}

It really takes me back to my video game design days as well as editing Tumblr codes. Make sure you got all your symbols in the right place or it won’t work properly. Inputting this command into your Text Chat on Minecraft will give you an Item Frame in your Inventory Bar. And while entirely similar to the normal Item Frame in my inventory, is actually imbued with the command of Invisibility. What a powerful Item Frame. It won’t show up when placing it down, although the item is indeed present, as you can place whatever you’d like in the Item Frame, just be sure that you don’t misplace or forget it! Being Invisible, it can be tricky to find if there isn’t an Item inside…

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