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Best Minecraft Island Seeds

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Best Minecraft seeds for survival islands

The islands often have a theme in Minecraft’s survival mode. Many players just want that shipwreck fantasy and to imagine that they are Robinson Crusoe, a lone survivor on an island who must do whatever it takes to survive.

Survival mode may not be the most popular in Minecraft, but it has its own fan base. Survival games can be simple, but still a lot of fun. Players choose between survival mode and a hardcore survival mode, which is of course much more difficult.

If this sounds like fun, see the list below for some of the greatest Minecraft Island seeds.

Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Staring Big – Seed Code: -222843114633453212

This Minecraft seed is ideal for people looking for the full survival experience without the harsh hurdles.

The seed allows you to spawn on an island near an ice biome. Furthermore, if you swim to the mainland, you’ll find a settlement, a ravine, and a lot of loot.

Jungle Island – Seed Code: 05020703

Jungle Island is an excellent seed for players looking for a balanced survival experience. It creates a universe in which you spawn on a medium-sized island surrounded by a beautiful jungle. There will be plenty of trees to help you build your shelter, as well as caves to explore and harvest materials. Because the island is so cool, building can be much more enjoyable.

Small Island – Seed Code: 5892019018549367076

This Minecraft seed is ideal for survivalists who love a challenge when it comes to surviving on a solitary island. You’ll start on a small island with only a few trees and a cave to explore. Given the lack of supplies, survival will be difficult. Test yourself and see how long you can stay.

Islands with an Ocean Monument – Seed Code: -9191030541317174164

This seed will place you on a couple of islands that are ideal for your new survival adventure. A sunken ocean monument can be seen just off the shore. Be cautious as you make your way through the monument and make sure you grab your hands on some decent stuff to get you started.

Islands and ShipwrecksSeed Code: -5313077666817127470

And lastly, here is the one for the real Castaway role-play. Nothing creates that desolate island atmosphere like shipwrecks all along the coast. That is exactly what you get when you use this Minecraft seed – you will spawn on a handful of islets with maybe five or six distinct wrecks in the region.

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