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Minecraft 2.61 Patch Notes – What is New in PlayStation Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.72?

Important hotfix to say the least.

by Nikola L
Minecraft 1.19.70

Minecraft seems to be a game that is consistently getting something new, independent of which version (or iteration) of it we are talking about. Yesterday’s update for the PlayStation version of Minecraft has brought an important change (fix) for a feature that a lot of players have reported as malfunctioning, and Mojang even admitted that the issue has been confirmed and that a “hotfix” will be released as soon as possible. And, they delivered! Below is the changelog for Minecraft 2.61 Patch Notes on PlayStation (Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.72).

What’s New in Minecraft 2.61 on PlayStation?

While this update is not a big one, it resolves a very important issue that was occurring on the PlayStation version of Minecraft. Kudos to Mojang for responding to this swiftly and efficiently!

Official Mojang Status Tweet

As seen in the Tweet above, a lot of PlayStation users couldn’t perform their purchases.

Below you will find the official release from Mojang regarding the 1.19.72 release (known as 2.61 to PlayStation users):

A new update has been released for PlayStation consoles that fixes an issue with Realms purchases since the release of 1.19.70.

Please continue to upvote and report any new bugs at bugs.mojang.com and leave us your feedback at feedback.minecraft.net.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented purchasing or renewing Realms on PlayStation

In case you missed the 1.19.70 Patch Notes, you may find them below:

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Of course, we also support the invitation sent out by Mojang. The community has done so much for the development of Minecraft and the building of the game’s popularity over the past years. If everyone does a bit, we’ll continue to have a great experience in-game! That’s it for this report, we thank you for visiting Prima Games, and invite you to check out our Minecraft game tag left under this article for more Minecraft content. See you soon!

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